CBD in Wyoming

The Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) has warned residents that CBD oil with high amounts of THC is illegal in the state without a Hemp Extract Registration Card. These cards are issued by the state’s Department of Health wherein only a limited number has been issued, that according to Matt Waldock of DCI.

Hemp-derived CBD products are only legal when used in treating qualifying medical conditions listed by the state.

It can be confusing for WY residents who want to use CBD, so it’s important to understand what kind of CBD products are allowed in the state before making a purchase.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Wyoming?

The legality of CBD oil in the Cowboy State largely depends on where it’s derived. Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is sourced from both the marijuana and hemp varieties of the cannabis plant. Marijuana has high amounts of the psychoactive cannabinoid called THC, while hemp only has trace amounts, generally falling below 0.3%. This means that different laws apply to the use of marijuana and hemp in WY.

When it comes to marijuana-derived oil, commonly known as CBD cannabis oil, the state has some of the stingiest laws in the US. A medical marijuana program hasn’t been fully set and recreational marijuana is also illegal.

The state’s Hemp Extract Registration Card is only granted to patients diagnosed with an intractable form of epilepsy. Qualified patients are permitted to use CBD hemp oil, meaning CBD cannabis oil is completely illegal. Some people choose to buy cannabis oil from neighboring states, but as marijuana is illegal on a federal level, crossing the border to obtain marijuana can result in prosecution.

That said, the only way to safely use CBD products in the state is by switching to hemp-derived products instead.

Hemp-based products are completely legal in the Cowboy State as the plant falls under the 2014 Farm Bill, which has made all hemp products federally legal. You won’t see a lot of CBD stores in the state, but there’s an option to purchase these products online and have them delivered to your address.

As of writing, there have been no other laws passed that attempt to regulate hemp statewide.

What Kind of CBD Oils are Legal/Available in Wyoming?

CBD can be infused in so many products, such as oils, balms, edibles, sprays, lotions, vapes, capsules, and pet products.

The only available oil in WY is derived from hemp, which is used by patients diagnosed with an intractable form of epilepsy. They can buy these products with the use of a Hemp Extract Registration Card.

What Can CBD Oil be Used for in Wyoming?

As per House Bill 32, which took effect in July 2015, CBD products can be used in the treatment of intractable epilepsy and other seizure disorders. The bill also states that licensed state neurologists are allowed to recommend CBD hemp oil to their patients.

While HB 32 protects qualified patients from prosecution, it does not contain any provision regarding the cultivation, production, or distribution of these products. To obtain these products legally, some WY residents choose to leave the state in order to get their supplies.

According to law, CBD products must have a THC level of not more than 0.3% and a minimum CBD level of 5% by weight. The product is only to be used for the treatment of severe epilepsy and seizures, which can be used by minors as well with the guidance of their parents or legal guardians.

How Can I Get CBD Oil in Wyoming?

The current marijuana law in the state does not address this question. There is no provision that allows for the production of CBD within the state’s borders, although there exist a few local stores that sell CBD products. Additionally, hemp CBD products are widely sold online.

Matt Waldock of DCI says that CBD oil can be bought over the counter in some retail outlets, convenience stores, and pet stores in the state. These are allowed, but shop owners must make sure that their products must not have copious amounts of THC.

Can Doctors Prescribe CBD Oil in Wyoming?

No. Doctors in WY are not allowed to prescribe CBD products due to the lack of approval by the US Food and Drug Administration. If a product is not FDA-approved, doctors are not permitted to prescribe its use.

However, licensed state doctors are allowed to provide a written recommendation for their patients. This document should indicate the patient’s medical condition and why he or she may benefit from CBD.

Are there Stores or Dispensaries that Sell CBD Oil?

As of writing, there are no dedicated CBD shops found in the state. However, there are smoke shops and vape shops that sell these products along with other vape liquids.

It should be noted that there is no provision for the production of CBD within the state, so to get CBD products, patients may need to travel to another state where CBD is fully legal. While this is possible, it is extremely risky and technically a violation of federal law, as this counts as transporting a controlled substance across state lines.

Can I Buy CBD Online in Wyoming?

Yes. Since hemp-derived CBD products are legal on a federal level, these products are sold online. The state’s CBD industry is seeing growth as well, so there’s a good chance local shops might show up soon enough.

For now, the only easy option is to buy CBD products online, which comes with many perks. For one, the transactions are fast and convenient, and online shops ship anywhere in the US. Buying online also gives you the opportunity to select from the many available manufacturers and retailers.

For those in need of CBD daily, there’s the option to buy CBD products in bulk. There are wholesale deals available for everybody that come at affordable prices. Just make sure to choose a trusted and reputable online seller in order to make sure that the product you’re getting is clean, potent, and follows the required limit for THC in the state.

The Future of CBD in Wyoming

Truth be told, the Cowboy State isn’t exactly the best place to buy CBD products. As mentioned, the state has some pretty strict regulations regarding its use — they don’t even have a medical marijuana program in place.

However, you can still buy CBD products online, which are legal since it’s sourced from industrial hemp. If used as a treatment for epilepsy, it’s better to acquire a Hemp Extract Registration Card, especially if you’re caring for a minor.

Cannabis advocates tried to put medical marijuana on the ballot for the 2018 election, but they failed. The number of signatures needed fell short, which means citizens of the state would not be able to decide its use.

However, advocates are said to be trying put the issue to a vote again in 2020. Many residents are positive that the initiative would succeed due to the result of a survey taken in 2016, which concluded that more than 80% of registered state voters are in favor of implementing a medical marijuana program.

If this happens, CBD products would be even more available.