CBD in Vermont

As marijuana laws continue to change across the US, we are seeing an overwhelming amount of cannabis products infiltrating the mainstream market. One of these products is CBD oil.

Perhaps the most popular cannabinoid along with THC, CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound that can be extracted from hemp or cannabis. Its use is becoming more prevalent among many people due to its therapeutic benefits, and for the fact that it doesn’t cause the same “high” as marijuana does.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Vermont?

CBD oil is legal in Vermont, but under very specific conditions. While hemp cannabis and CBD are legal in the state, they are both controlled substances under federal law. Traditionally known for giving off euphoric highs, much has changed regarding how people view cannabis. There has been a tremendous progress in cannabinoid research, and for that reason, a lot of American find themselves turning to marijuana and CBD as alternative treatments to a wide range of health concerns.

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What Kind of CBD Oils Are Legally Available in Vermont?

As with most states, VT has quite a complicated history with the legalization of cannabis. In fact, getting medical-grade marijuana can still be quite troublesome for some residents. Earlier this year, Governor Phil Scott signed marijuana legalization into law, but citizens of the state are still now allowed to buy CBD oil without a medical marijuana card, at least for quite some time. Generally, it takes one to two years from the time of legislation for dispensaries to be fully operational.

Technically, the state has legalized CBD products for medicinal purposes in 2013, but along it are some rules that make the entire legalization thing quite tricky.

What can CBD oil be used for in Vermont?

More than 60% of Americans think marijuana use should be legalized, according to CBS News poll in 2017. Back in 2000, it was quite a different time as the numbers only amounted to 30%. The new stat is a testament proving that Americans are ready for an alternative and more natural solution to improve health.

CBD derived from hemp is becoming a preferred option because it doesn’t need to be taken by smoking, and the fact that it’s not psychoactive makes it more attractive for many people. FDA has also approved the use of CBD for treating intractable epilepsy (Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and Dravet Syndrome). Additionally, various cases have also proved that the compound has therapeutic properties for a number of health issues.

Other functions that CBD can embody include the following:

  • Neuroprotectant
  • Antioxidant
  • Anxiolytic (anti-anxiety)
  • Sleep Aid
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Analgesic (pain reliever)

These examples only encompass a small portion of what CBD can treat. And as acceptance grows among many people, there is a definite rise in popularity in the use of CBD as an alternative solution to more conventional treatments.

How Can I Get CBD Oil in Vermont?

As a resident of the state, how can you obtain legal CBD products? It’s worth noting from the get-go that the chances of getting CBD products in VT depend on your intended usage. Basically, residents of the state only have three options should they want to obtain the hemp extract legally:

  1. Individuals that have obtained a valid marijuana medical card can purchase CBD products from state-approved dispensaries
  2. Those who do not have a marijuana medical card may obtain CBD hemp oil from online sellers who operate under the 2014 Farm Bill
  3. Any resident of VT can buy hemp-based CBD in health food stores, but take note that the products sold in such stores may not have the therapeutic amounts of CBD

Can Doctors Prescribe CBD in Vermont?

Yes. Licensed medical professionals can recommend medical marijuana as an alternative to pain medications and pharmaceuticals and to help improve a patient’s quality of life.

As mentioned earlier, the state has already legalized medical marijuana years back, so in a way, the state has already made steps to ensure that its citizens may have access to CBD freely. Since the initial cannabis laws were passed, it produced two amendments so that medical patients will have the right know-how regarding the possession of cannabis and how to use it.

Under the current law of the state, those who hold a state-issued medical marijuana card are allowed to:

  • Possess up to 2 oz of marijuana
  • Have seven immature plants and two mature plants grown in their home
  • Possess CBD oil and strains extracted from cannabis plants

Are there stores or dispensaries that sell CBD in Vermont?

It must be noted that patients must either choose to get their marijuana in state-licensed dispensaries or grow their own. Getting from two sources is illegal. Those who wish to obtain marijuana for medical purposes must apply for a medical marijuana card, especially if they need a more potent CBD, such as those extracted from cannabis. Cannabis oil is generally more potent than hemp oil. If you have a medical marijuana card, you’re also allowed to get CBD in the form of a smokeable strain.

Can I buy CBD online in Vermont?

Yes, as long as the seller operates under the 2014 Farm Bill. The best option for those who want to obtain CBD is to get CBD hemp oil, which has no psychoactive properties and is less potent than oil derived from cannabis. This therapeutic CBD can be bought in state dispensaries or from select online sellers.

VT is the 9th American state to legalize the recreational use of cannabis but comes first to approve of its use through legislation and not through citizen vote. This fact speaks a lot when it comes to freedom of use, and only time will tell when VT residents will finally be able to obtain CBD products without the need for a medical marijuana card. What we do know as of now is that the future of cannabis is bright in the state.

However, the recreational use of marijuana in the state may not be implemented until 2019. As of writing, there have been no details on the regulation, tax, or sale of the plant. That aside, below are a few points you need to remember about the recreational legislation, which includes the use of CBD:

  • Adult residents are allowed to buy high THC cannabis CBD oil from local dispensaries
  • Adult residents are allowed to grow up two mature cannabis plants, plus an additional of four immature plants
  • Adult residents, with or without a medical marijuana card, may possess up to 1 oz of marijuana

Final Thoughts on CBD Oil

it’s safe to say that Vermont might possibly be the most marijuana-friendly state. There are still grey areas regarding the complete legalization of cannabis and cannabis oil in the state, but all things considered, there’s a lot to celebrate. We now live in a world where more and more people are open to the idea of using cannabis as an alternative, including CBD oil.

VT residents are especially fortunate for having relaxed marijuana laws, and it will only be a matter of time before adults can buy high-quality cannabis and CBD products without the fear of being frowned upon or penalized by the state.

For now, however, it is best to obtain a medical marijuana card or get hemp derived oil since recreational dispensaries are yet to be opened. That said, high-quality CBD is available in Vermont and there’s no shortage of it.

It is important to be always updated of the laws of the state regarding the use of cannabis and CBD products and always seek the advice of a medical professional before using cannabis as a treatment for various health issues.