CBD in Utah

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a remarkable compound that first gained international fame for its profoundly beneficial effects on children with Dravet syndrome, which is a rare type of childhood epilepsy. Further research has found that CBD may be an effective treatment for anxiety, insomnia, and other forms of epilepsy. [1]

CBD may even be effective in treating chronic pain caused by inflammation. Thousands of people have found relief from arthritis and neuropathic pain by trying CBD, and research into this compound’s beneficial effects is still in its infancy. But what exactly is CBD, and is it safe and legal to use this promising treatment in Utah?

Is CBD Oil Legal in Utah?

Before we examine how state law in Utah governs the use and sale of CBD derived from hemp, it’s important to point out how federal law is evolving in regards to the growing cannabidiol industry. Since 2014, the production of CBD derived from “industrial hemp” has been legal due to the relatively obscure wording of Section 7606 of the Agricultural Act of 2014, but any Cannabis sativa extract, including CBD, was still considered to be a Schedule I drug by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). [2]

The sale of CBD in the United States was, therefore, federally illegal, and even though the law was not enforced, this “gray area” of legality disincentivized many consumers from trying cannabidiol. With the Agricultural Act of 2018, however, everything changed. CBD derived from hemp is no longer considered to be a Schedule I drug, and it’s now up to individual states to determine how they want to handle CBD legislation. [3]

This act of Congress freed up Utah legislators to pass laws regarding the use and sale of CBD that won’t cause potential conflicts with federal statutes. FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb has made clear that his organization still oversees the sale of CBD nationwide, but users and retailers of CBD no longer have to worry about the DEA breaking down their doors. [4]

On December 3, 2018, lawmakers in Utah passed the Utah Medical Cannabis Act, [5] which makes it legal for the Utah Department of Health (UDOH) to issue medical marijuana cards to patients with certain conditions. Therefore, if you have a medical marijuana card in this state, it’s legal to own any form of cannabis oil in Utah whether it includes CBD or not. [6] However, average citizens in Utah who don’t have medical marijuana cards can now also own and use CBD products that contain less than 3 percent THC. [7]

For these general market CBD products to be legal, they must be approved by the state. Producers of CBD products are required to send samples to a state lab for analysis, and so far, about 30 cannabidiol products have been approved with 200 more in process. Utah citizens who use CBD to treat epilepsy, chronic pain, or a number of other conditions for which this substance is effective can now rest easy knowing that they are doing so in full compliance with the law.

How Can I Get CBD Oil in Utah?

If you are a medical marijuana cardholder in Utah, you can purchase CBD products at a state-sanctioned marijuana dispensary. If you don’t have a medical marijuana card, however, you can still purchase CBD products that have less than 3 percent CBD at a number of different retailers.

For instance, there are a variety of retailers in Utah that sell nothing but CBD, and this substance is also sold by certain alternative medicine practitioners. In addition, it may be possible to buy CBD at select natural food stores in Utah.

What Is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid, which is a term used to describe certain types of compounds found in the Cannabis sativa plant. In most strains of cannabis, CBD is only present in trace amounts, but certain breeders have specifically created strains of this plant that contain high levels of CBD and low levels of THC.

If the THC content in Cannabis sativa buds is below the legal limit for CBD sale in Utah, processors can extract the resins from these buds to make CBD products. The resulting CBD oil is considered to be “full-spectrum” since it contains the THC, other cannabinoids, and terpenes that are naturally present in cannabis.

It’s also possible to use an extraction process that isolates CBD from other cannabinoids. The resulting product is called “isolate,” and it is usually produced in a powder rather than an oil form.

While CBD is a cannabinoid, it does not interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain that are responsible for the psychoactive effects of THC. [8] The exact methods by which CBD interacts with the human body are still unknown; nevertheless, research continues to be done that further delineates the incredible potential of this natural compound to treat practically any illness.

What Types of CBD Oil Are Legal in Utah?

CBD products that contain less than 3 percent THC are legal for general market sale in the state of Utah. In addition, CBD products that contain any amount of CBD are legal in this state if you have been issued a medical marijuana card.

What Can I Use CBD Oil for in Utah?

There are no restrictions on the potential uses of hemp oil in Utah. If you want a medical marijuana card in this state, you’ll need to prove to the state that you have a relevant medical condition, but if you just want to buy CBD from a general market retailer, there is no need to declare a specific purpose for your purchase.

Do I Need a Prescription or Medical Marijuana Card to Use CBD in Utah?

It is not necessary to have a medical marijuana card to purchase or use CBD in this state, and this substance is not available with a doctor’s prescription. However, it may be wise to consult with a doctor before you purchase a state-sanctioned CBD product from a Utah retailer, and keep in mind that your doctor may be able to prescribe a pharmaceutical version of CBD called Epidiolex.

Can I Buy CBD Online in Utah?

The state of Utah has not explicitly legalized the sale of CBD from Utah businesses to consumers in Utah via the internet. Since CBD is now federally legal, however, it is possible to purchase this substance online from a company anywhere in the United States and have it shipped to your address in Utah.

In fact, a large number of companies have been providing this service for nearly a decade, but these businesses were always operating on the fringe of legality until the advent of recent federal and state-level legislative developments. Technically, the Utah state government would prefer that you purchase CBD products that they have tested and approved, but since CBD products that contain less than 3 percent THC are now legal in Utah, there’s no danger in purchasing cannabidiol products online if you live in this state.


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