CBD in Utah

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound (cannabinoid) that can be extracted from hemp or cannabis. Another type of cannabinoid is THC, but it works very differently than CBD. THC is the compound that causes the feeling of “high” in marijuana. CBD, on the other hand, is non-psychoactive, so it has no way of affecting your senses.

In recent years, the use of cannabidiol oil in Utah is becoming more common, with more and more residents choosing it as an alternative to Big Pharma drugs such as steroids or antidepressants. Many people choose CBD because of its apparent medical use in a broad range of conditions, including:

  • Sleep problems
  • Headaches, migraines, stress, depression, anxiety
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Wound healing
  • Inflammation
  • Muscle soreness, back pain, joint pain
  • Various skin problems
  • Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Schizophrenia and vomiting
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Cancer-related symptoms

When it comes to extracting CBD oil and important consideration is its source, whether it’s hemp-based or cannabis-based. Both plants are Cannabis sativa, but the amounts of CBD and THC vary. Cannabis oil has higher amounts of TCH, while hemp oil is rich in CBD. Additionally, you will hardly find traces of THC in hemp.

History of CBD Oil in Utah

Utah has definitely come a long way in only a few short years when it comes to the use of cannabidiol oil. From a state that’s known to have the toughest drug possession charges in the country, they have now opened their doors regarding the public’s access to medical marijuana.

Today, cannabidiol oil and medical marijuana are legal in the state under specific circumstances. Currently, there are still issues left to be decided with medical marijuana use, but the future is looking bright for the once prohibited psychoactive drug.

To recall, the state was one of the first states to put a ban on the sale of hemp during the massive hunt across the country many years back. It seems that the stigma against hemp will soon be gone, as hemp-oil markets are starting to operate in the state.

It was only recently that the state started to be more open to the regulations regarding CBD oil. Four years ago, the Amendment to the Plant Extract Act, or the House Bill 105, approved the use of cannabidiol oil for patients of intractable epilepsy. It’s worth noting that this particular bill passes unanimously.

Enter the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The passage of the bill was seamless until the FDA went through a review of a new pharmaceutical preparation of CBD and recommended it for approval. In 2014, however, no federal law existed yet regarding CBD products extracted from hemp, which means that the politicians of the state, at the time, were way ahead of their time when they decided to approve the use of cannabidiol oil.

The House Bill 105 meant that the Department of Agriculture is allowed to cultivate hemp. This paved the way for the regulated application of cannabidiol oil therapy in epilepsy, especially in children. With the help of a licensed medical professional, patients with severe cases of epilepsy had the freedom to use cannabidiol oil as long as they have a license. This initiative opened the doors to broaden the use of CBD oil not just in epilepsy but in other conditions and diseases as well.

How Legal is CBD Oil in Utah?

Is CBD oil really legal in Utah? The short answer is yes, it’s legal, but as mentioned, under very specific circumstances. When were Utahns allowed to freely acquire CBD? It was in March 2018, when several marijuana bills started making progress at the Capitol.

Senate Bill 130, the Cannabidiol Product Act, set new regulations for the sale of CBD. This new act means that the state is allowed to control the sale of CBD and allow patients to buy extracts from a pharmacy, but with a recommendation from a doctor. The bill was signed on March 23, 2018, by the governor himself.

“This bill solves an immediate problem where we have a lot of fake product on the shelves right now,” Senator Brad Daw said of the Senate Bill 130. “I think this bill fulfills our duty to protect consumers, and make sure what they are buying is what they think they are buying,” he added.

This progress prompted authorities to push harsher regulations in the industry after cases of poisoning due to fake CBD-based products were reported recently. That said, people looking into availing CBD hemp oil and other CBD-based products should always be vigilant and only buy from manufacturers that have undergone testing regarding the quality of their CBD products sold in the state.

This is necessary in order to prevent another contamination issue and halt the illegal sales of CBD oil in the state. Before, CBD hemp oil was sold almost everywhere after the passage of the 2014 bill. You can buy it in corner shops, antique stores, and health food stores. With no state guidelines implemented years back, the risk of acquiring fake CBD hemp oil was high.

When is CBD Not Legal in Utah?

The difference between legal and illegal CBD use depends on several important factors that are determined by the state. One factor that’s considered the most essential of all is where the CBD was extracted from — marijuana or hemp? People interested in buying CBD hemp oil in Utah must first understand the difference between full spectrum CBD and isolate CBD, but when it comes to legality, what you must keep in mind is how different the extract becomes according to its source.

Marijuana and hemp are technically from the same cannabis family, but marijuana has higher amounts of psychoactive THC, which can reach up to 30%. Hemp has very little of it, which means that marijuana can get you really high, but hemp wouldn’t.

Because of the lack of psychoactive effects in hemp, the law has no problem with it. Products derived from hemp — from extracts, food, to clothing materials — are legal and available in many types of industries and sold in many American states. Marijuana, on the other hand, doesn’t have the same liberty as hemp, which is why CBD hemp oil derived from it is technically illegal.

Where Can I Buy CBD Hemp Oil in Utah?

The state technically doesn’t have state-licensed dispensaries. However, legislation signed in 2018 states that the production and manufacturing of CBD products should only be sold in “cannabidiol-qualified pharmacies.”

CBD hemp oil and other products sold in these facilities must contain a ten to one ratio of CBD to THC, and must only be sold to patients whose doctor’s recommended the use of CBD. Another legislation signed this year gives the Department of Agriculture the authority to partner with third-party companies to grow cannabis for the purpose of producing CBD hemp oils and other related products. These products would be offered to terminally ill patients, as well as in research trials sponsored by the state.

Can I Buy CBD Oil Online in Utah?

You can buy CBD oil online in Utah, but the same rules apply. The oil must be derived from hemp or you must have a doctor’s recommendation. If you do have a Utah doctor’s recommendation for CBD, the CBD must contain a 10:1 ration of CBD to THC.

Changing CBD Laws in Utah

Cannabis-related issues are open for discussion in the state of Utah. In fact, the state is preparing to legalize medical marijuana this Fall once and for all. By November, Utah might be the next state to legalize the use of medical cannabis.


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