CBD in Kentucky

CBD derived from hemp is rapidly becoming one of the most popular health and wellness products on the market and the State of Kentucky is a testament to this. In fact, numerous shops promoting CBD have started appearing throughout the state along with health stores and vape shops.

CBD oil is the leading product in this market, which is found to have several benefits such as pain management and anxiety reduction. This product hardly contains THC, a compound of the cannabis plant that causes euphoric highs, which is the reason why it can be taken safely in many forms including tinctures, edibles, lotions, and a whole lot more.

Let’s find out more about the legality and usage of CBD products in the Bluegrass State.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Kentucky?

Compared to other American states, marijuana laws are pretty stringent in Kentucky, even for qualified medical patients. Although many states have relaxed their laws when it comes to the possession and use of cannabis and its derivatives, in Kentucky, these acts remain illegal. But as CBD sourced from either the marijuana or hemp variety of cannabis, it’s possible to obtain CBD products without encountering problems with the law.

Kentucky is among the states that ban marijuana, which means that CBD oil derived from marijuana, or cannabis oil, is illegal even for medical marijuana patients. The only way residents may use CBD is by choosing a product that has little to no THC content, which in this case is CBD hemp oil.

Hemp oil is legal under the federal Farm Bill of 2014, which states that cannabis extracts derived from industrial hemp are completely legal as long as its THC content doesn’t go over the 0.3% limit.

The Farm Bill also allows the possession and sales of other hemp derived products unless in-state laws indicate otherwise. Kentucky has no other legislation regarding hemp-derived products, so it’s certain that one may use CBD products, as long as they are sourced from hemp.

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What Kind of CBD Oils are Legally Available in Kentucky?

CBD products in the state are generally categorized into three forms: the isolates, wax, and oils. From these three, other CBD products can be created, which includes creams, gels, capsules, transdermal patches, sprays, vapors, and tinctures.

Studies have found that it is safe for both children and adults to take CBD products. No serious side effects have been recorded when taking CBD relating to a user’s mood, vital signs, or changes to the central nervous system, not even if taken at a higher dosage. Although, some people have reported that some products may cause diarrhea and cause a change in weight or appetite. Others also reported tiredness as a side effect.

What Can CBD Oil be Used for in Kentucky?

Kentucky residents have used CBD products to treat or alleviate the symptoms of the following, among many others:

  • Epilepsy
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Acne
  • Cancer

CBD products may be also used as a natural pain relief and anti-inflammatory treatment, as well as help in smoking cessation and drug withdrawals. People interested in using any form of CBD product for treatment and medication should first consult with a qualified health care professional especially for chronic and severe medical conditions.

It should be noted that the US Food and Drug Administration only recommends the use of CBD for intractable forms of epilepsy.

Those who are considering using CBD should first consult a qualified physician, especially if the condition is severe or chronic.

How Can I Get CBD Oil in Kentucky?

CBD products can either be bought online or from reputable sellers across the state. Online retailers and manufacturers offer many types of high-quality CBD products with some offering wholesale prices. It’s a convenient way to obtain CBD in Kentucky since you won’t need to leave the house to do so.

For residents who choose to buy locally, several brick-and-mortar shops can be found in larger cities. No matter where your CBD products come from, it is important to prioritize quality first before anything else.

Can Doctors Prescribe CBD Oil in Kentucky?

Any medical professional is not allowed to legally prescribe any form of cannabis derivative. However, they are allowed to recommend the use of CBD products, that is if a person has intractable epilepsy or any chronic and severe illness. In the US, cannabis remains a Schedule 1 drug, which means it cannot be prescribed for any purpose at all.

For hemp-derived products, there’s no need to acquire a doctor’s recommendation as these products are available in local shops and online sellers.

Are there Stores or Dispensaries that Sell CBD Oil?

There are several food and health stores that sell CBD products in the Bluegrass state. you can also get CBD liquids in smoke shops found in Lexington, Louisville, Winchester, Danville, and Prospect.

Can I Buy CBD Online in Kentucky?

Definitely, but only from a trusted retailer or manufacturer. Once you determine the reason why you need CBD, purchasing a bottle of hemp-derived oil should not be a problem. Look for an online seller that offers 100% organic, non-GMO industrial hemp that has been through third-party lab testing.

The Future of CBD in Kentucky

It’s possible that the medical use of marijuana will soon be legalized in Kentucky. That decision, of course, lies in the hands of elected lawmakers. But taking into account the many benefits of CBD, legalization of cannabis and its derivatives seem inevitable.

According to State Rep. Jason Nemes, there’s a chance medical marijuana could be made legal in Kentucky within the next year, which means cannabis-dispensing stations could open soon. The Republican co-sponsored a bill that should address the concerns surrounding medical marijuana.

“We are very serious about this being a medical cannabis bill, said Rep. Nemes during the Interim Committee on Licensing, Occupations, and Administrative Regulations hearing. This is not recreation.”

The state representative encouraged fellow lawmakers to support the bill, with the assurance that there will be strict restrictions on medical cannabis, its regulation, cultivation, and sale. He proposed a new Department of Cannabis Administration to help regulate the use of medical marijuana.

The proposed regulations are as follows:

  • Smoking in public or on public property is prohibited
  • Marketing that would appeal to children is prohibited
  • Distributors and processors must be licensed
  • Only registered state physicians are allowed to prescribe
  • Users must carry a card and obtain a permit

The buzz surrounding CBD products is only getting louder, thanks to the efforts of cannabis advocates who have researched and published studies and articles about the potential uses of such products. If this trend continues, it could become a huge part of the local economy.

For now, Kentucky have the freedom to buy CBD products both online and stores throughout the state. Only time will tell when the Bluegrass State will fully open its doors to cannabis and its several forms.

That said, it’s important to check for updates on the legislation especially if you’ve been wanting to use cannabis products as a form of treatment.