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1000 mg CBD Vape juice
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Savage CBD states their mission is to “strive to help people by offering what we believe to be top quality, lab tested, natural alternatives at affordable pricing.” According to their website, Chris Wheeler CEO founded the company in 2015 after beginning as a vape shop co-owner in 2014. Based in Orange County, CA, Savage has grown into a 20,000 square foot facility with ten employees, in addition to Wheeler and Matt Winters (CFO).

Savage offers a wide variety of CBD products, from edible gummies to vape juices to topical lotion. They claim to test each product batch using SC Labs, and they make their lab tests available on their website. The strength of Savage CBD seems to be their flavors, packaging, and pricing. While we only sampled the Passion CBD Vape Juice, there are a total of six flavor options to choose from. Their Passion flavor is described as “the most mouth-watering watermelons and pink candy” infused with “soft notes of sour,” but our flavor experience was more general. The smell of the juice upon opening the bottle is pretty pungent and reminds one of a newly opened car freshener. However, the flavor experience while vaping is pleasantly fruity, without any particular fruit flavors coming through. It did not leave an aftertaste, which we appreciated. Our sampling of the 1000 mg vape juice was positive overall, without any noticeable side effects or unpleasantries. That’s a high dose of CBD compared to other vapes on the market. And at the low price point of $32.99 that’s a lot of bang for your buck!


As I mentioned above, Savage CBD seems to have focused their energies on flavor, packaging, and pricing. The Passion CBD Vape Juice was subtly fruity and made for a smooth vaping experience. You do not taste the CBD — a plus for most CBD users. The packaging is sleek, which is probably a good word for describing Savage CBD overall. They create products with wide mass appeal due to their graphics and competitive pricing. I experienced a general calmness and felt noticeably relaxed about twenty minutes after vaping the Passion CBD juice. But keep in mind that everyone responds to CBD differently. Savage lists the following ingredients on the product page: Propylene glycol, Vegetable glycerine, Cannabidiol (CBD), Natural and Artificial flavor concentrate. And it is very reasonably priced at $32.99.


While Savage CBD claims to utilize top quality ingredients and acknowledge the importance of transparency, there is very little transparency regarding their hemp source(s), extraction process, and product manufacturing. We acknowledge and commend Savage CBD for posting lab tests that are easily accessible to customers, but transparency should include making these other factors just as accessible–especially as the CBD market expands and consumers will have a harder and harder time distinguishing quality from fluff. The lab tests for the Passion CBD Vape Juice are from September 2018 and only include analysis of Cannabinoid — not heavy metals or other possible contaminants. They do provide more updated and extensive testing for some of their other products. So it’s possible there’s just a little lag in this particular product’s update. We also thought the package should be more clear that this is a vape juice. For first time CBD users especially, clear and proper labeling reinforces trust with a company.

Savage 1000 mg CBD Vape juice
About the Company:
Savage CBD is located in Irvine, California. They offer lab tested, high quality CBD at some of the most affordable pricing available. Their overall goal is to create products that empower people to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
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