Review of Essentials by Savage Full Spectrum CBD Lotion in Lavender Citrus

CBD oil has been such a blessing for me and my family. I have been taking it orally to manage some of the symptoms that I’ve been struggling with for a couple of years related to Lyme Disease. Navigating this unpredictable autoimmune disorder has led me to try a variety of brands and forms including gummies, tinctures, and pills. I have a few favorite brands for overall wellness, immune support, sleep, headaches, and general aches and pains. I remember the first time I had success with oral CBD oil, and it was almost like I could be in my body again; it was that dramatic. The fog had lifted. I did not know until I was searching the shelves at the food co-op for my favorite tincture, some brands that I know and love also have a variety of topical CBD oil-based products. I never knew that I could use a CBD balm or CBD salve for some of my physical and primarily muscular issues.

Topical CBD Saves the Day

There were so many to choose from, so it was a little overwhelming at first to try to make a selection. I ended up doing a little research and decided upon the Lavender Citrus Full Spectrum lotion by Savage. The name of the company does not immediately scream, “relax, honey, and calmly release all your anxiety.” Even so, I chose this one to try because the smell of lavender is relaxing, and so I would what’s really important more weight in my decision. Having Lyme has made me sensitive to many chemicals, and so it was important to me to find a topical product that was as pure as possible. Though there are many ingredients in the Savage Full Spectrum Lotion, they are all recognizable to me. I liked that the product was clearly GMO-free, pesticide-free, lab-tested and made with all vegan ingredients. It is made with full-spectrum CBD oil, meaning they do not isolate the CBD chemical from other elements of the plant. They also add ingredients that include anti-inflammatory and plant-based products like organic aloe, organic chamomile, and organic calendula. 

CBD as a Personal Home-Spa Treatment

It feels important to tell you that I truly love to pamper myself before bedtime as a ritual to promote sleep (it doesn’t always work, but worth a try and at least an excuse to relax). I took a hot shower and rubbed the lotion on my lower back where I tend to have a lot of pain. I also massaged it into my temples and forehead where I have a lot of tension much of the time. I then put some on my calves, which are pretty much always tight. My lower back had the most dramatic results, I immediately felt the area warm and then cool as it released pressure. I did some cat/cow stretches and clearly had more mobility and release then I generally do without the cream.

When I laid down and closed my eyes I felt my forehead, temples, and head begin to relax, though I will say it was not as immediate. My calves were not as obvious, but I did wake up with less tension and tightness in my lower legs. I definitely attribute to this wonderful lotion. It is creamy, and not greasy which I hate. It absorbed nicely into my skin and left me smelling lovely. My husband even said the faint lavender smell promoted sleep for him too! I will definitely continue using this product in all of the places that ask for it, and as an additional support tool for my Lyme. I may even have to start using it on my sweet hubby after taking care of me all day. They don’t advertise bonding with your partner over the smell of lotion, among the many ways CBD lotion can help your life, but I think they should. It is that good. 

Essentials by Savage Full Spectrum CBD Lotion in Lavender Citrus
About the Company:
Savage CBD is located in Irvine, California. They not only make this fabulous lotion, but also gummies, tinctures, and vape products.
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