Review of Tree of Life Botanicals Hemp Oil

Launching into a week of doing all of the things I was scared of professionally, made me want to have some emotional backup. I had three public speaking gigs, a meeting with my ex to handle lingering financial issues, and I was going to be a student in a classroom for the first time in a decade! I figured while I was embarking on many firsts, I might as well try something new to support my anxiety. To be fair, I had tried CBD oil before and noticed that it had made it easier to sleep. I did not continue using that product, after a friend of mine brought it to my attention that there was nothing on the bottle that said how or where it was made. In fact, there was nothing related to the quality or quality control of the products.

CBD Relieves Many Symptoms

As I was preparing for my overwhelming week, I sought out a CBD oil that could meet my high standards and came across the Tree of Life Botanical Hemp Oil. I was so pleased to see that the company has clearly checked every box as far as quality control is concerned. One of their mottos is From Soil to Oil, meaning they have ensured that the crops that they harvest are grown in the purest conditions. Since the Cannabis plants from Tree of Life Botanicals are from the mountains of Colorado, even the water they use to grow the cannabis plants comes from these pure mountain streams. It all impacts the purity of the CBD. All of Tree of Life Botanical’s products are strictly organic, which became important to me after reading the impact any pesticides have on hemp products. Experts are still conducting so much research on CBD growing, but organic practices never hurt. I was sold on the reputation of the company and its practices around growing and processing the hemp/ CBD oil. They are still

Tree of Life Botanicals Hemp Oil Product Specifics:

  • Organically grown in pure Colorado conditions
  • Each batch is purity tested to confirm that there are no impurities, especially heavy metals
  • Potent product as noted by third-party lab partners that run the product through high performance of Chromatography (HPLC) testing. The quality control ensures each batch is pharmaceutical grade
  • The full-spectrum oil is made from a strain of CBD that the highest in cannabidiol and lowest in THC
  • They have a wholesale product catalog

I started taking one dropper full of Tree of Life CBD oil on the Sunday before this hectic week and was happy to find it to have a pleasant peppermint flavor. It was refreshing, not like the strong earthy taste I remembered from my last experience with a similar product. I felt clear and relaxed and got a very good night’s sleep. Insomnia is something I have always struggled with, so good sleep alone is a reason to continue consuming the oil for me. Public speaking ignited the primary impulse to try Tree of Life Botanicals Hemp Oil because left to my own devices, I find it impossible to breathe when I’m trying to sound smart in front of a group of people.

CBD Enriched Organic Hemp Oil 1, Anxiety 0

I was so aware when I was turning over the notecards in my hands at the podium that they were not shaking. My palms were not sweating, and my breathing was remarkably consistent and came with ease. It’s not that I wasn’t nervous at all, but I realized the anxiety was in my head and less in my body. This oil allowed me to train my mind to be calmer because my body was able to be more relaxed. I took the oil every day for a week and it continued to support me to be more embodied and less anxious. I am grateful that I found Tree of Life Botanicals and their wonderful Hemp Oil. I will continue to take it as long as I keep pushing myself to learn and try new things. 

Review of Tree of Life Botanicals Hemp Oil
About the Company:
Tree of Life Botanicals makes organic CBD (Cannabidiol) products from organic cannabis farms in Colorado. They employ everyone, from lab technicians to growers who specialize in retail and wholesale CBD products. They use the highest quality ingredients and processes to extract the Cannibidol from the plants that are bred to be rich in CBD. Their CO2 extraction method ensures both quality and consistency leaving consumers with no question about what they are getting.
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