Review of Savage Gummies

One of the things that drew me to the Savage Gummies was the packaging. I am a sucker for packaging. The bag they come in is so fun, and it’s hard to not pass it and say “I wanna have fun too.” So many CBD products appear to look very clinical by their packaging and this one stands out as a party in a bag. Now, I understand that the way the package looks does have anything to do with the quality of the product, but as I said, I am a sucker for packaging. I honestly got these because they looked more like candy than medicine. I was pleasantly surprised that they seemed both delicious and helpful. 

CBD Candy is still Medicine!

I loved all of the flavors. It felt like I was eating the candy that I expected. Luckily I realized quickly that they were, in fact, actual medicine. I needed to be aware of dosage because a regular bag of gummy bears does not last long at my house. Each gummy contains 50 mg of cbd oil, with 300 mg per package. They pack about 6 pieces in each bag. As I read more of the bag’s fine print, I was not excited when the ingredients included all of the food dyes that we have all learned are so toxic, like red 40, yellow 6, and blue 1. It should have come as a red flag for me, because as sweet as my tooth is, I do believe additives such as those listed can really impact my mood balance, sleep, and other aspects of my general wellness. 

Quite frankly, even though I was impressed by the taste, smell, and packaging of the Savage Gummies, the product itself was a slight disappointment. One of the main reasons I was drawn to CBD in the first place was to help me deal with my lifelong battle with insomnia. I have never been a good sleeper and was amazed when I was first able to bask in some of the CBD effects like positive sleep. This has been my experience with other brands even in gummy form. The story here is that I tossed and turned all before getting to sleep after my first trial of Savage Gummies. 

CBD Products Can Be Just Okay Too.

Before I got to snoring, it almost felt like a worse night of “sleep” then I would have had without the product. In the morning, I even left the bed with a slight headache. I’m not sure if this had to do with the gummy itself or if it was more a product of having a restless night. I also take CBD oil for anxiety and found the Savage Gummies did work in that department. I was hyper-aware of how clenched my shoulders were before taking Savage Gummies and the way my stress left my gut. Although I got some benefit from it, I guess it’s obvious to say don’t judge a book by it’s cover? Or don’t be the consumer that is enticed by flashy packaging. From now on I am going to prioritize CBD products that have no harsh additives and are a little more regulated. There are very few things about this experience other than the look and flavor that I would want to repeat. Next time, I might stick to my disappearing gummy bear trick, than combine my candy and my medicine. You live and you learn. 

Review of Savage Gummies
About the Company:
Savage CBD is located in Irvine, California. They offer terrific weekly deals, and almost always have a coupon code floating around the interwebs. They lab test ALL of their products and have fabulous customer service.
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