Review of Joy Organics Pharmaceutical Grade CBD Softgels

At my sister’s cookout last week, I was chatting with a friend of a friend who asked me what I do for work. When I got into the part where I review CBD products for a website, she asked me “You don’t review Joy Organics, do you?” I wasn’t sure if I had that particular brand waiting on my work shelf at home but asked if she knew what it looked like. She said all the labels are clean and clear, white label with gold lettering, the word “JOY” in all caps stamped across the top. She explained to me that she had tried the Softgels and Joy organic’s cbd energy drink powder. Both, she claimed, gave her big relief from anxiety and tension that most often followed her like a shadow. What she was taken most with, however, was what a great family run business they are and that is known for good labor practices. It makes sense, at a function where everyone seemed politically liberal, that she would assume these things are of value to me also. Even though they are not a huge company, they seem to have truly made a name for themselves as far as remarkable customer service is concerned. 

CBD Pills that I can Actually Swallow 

I hadn’t yet had the chance to try the CBD Softgels that Joy puts out, but upon this woman’s recommendation was excited to go home and give it a try. I had tried CBD capsules before,  primarily for some of my long-standing sleep issues, mostly for an easy dosage where tinctures were hard to measure for me. Maybe the product I had wasn’t great or maybe I still managed to take the wrong dose (did I need two capsules?) Either way, I put them out of my mind and moved on. Having the chance to try again with this review piqued my interest and I was not displeased with what I learned for myself.

I found the Joy Organics website and saw that the online store offers free shipping. They also offered 15% off for first-time buyers. She really wasn’t kidding with that customer service review! You can purchase the Softgels in either 10 or 25 mg. doses. I sampled the 25mg, and it seemed like an appropriate dose for me. Immediately I noticed how tiny the thirty pills per bottle are. A pill that is hard to swallow I often refuse to take because, if I can be frank, it can’t do any good if I can’t keep it down. Both the softness and the smallness of the Joy Organics CBD Softgels make this a total non-issue. I found myself back in the thinking of how nice it is to not have to dose out a CBD tincture and then hold it under my tongue like a pelican. 

Joy Organics Softgels Work, For Real

Something that caught my eye was that, as you could guess by the name, Joy Organics products are all organic. Not as common though, the soft gels are pharmaceutical grade. Even though I admittedly I had no idea what that meant, it was suddenly very important to me also. I am the person that always buys the sample that I try at Trader Joe’s even though I don’t need it, but love the flavor at the time (not proud). So you can imagine that all the talking that my new friend and I did at this cookout made me want to hurry home and try it! 

I felt the impact of the CBD within 10 or so minutes, which is also very different than my last experience. Clearly, it absorbed so quickly and I almost upon taking the pill I felt relaxed and less anxious. I went to bed a couple of hours later and had the best night’s sleep I have had in at least a month. What a win!! I thank this person who could not say enough good things about Joy Organics. In a sea of CBD everything, a market being flooded with products sometimes makes it difficult to know how to choose. Beyond having a wonderful line of CBD products to offer, the customer service at JOY Organics made it such a pleasure to work with, I ended up using the coupon and buying another bottle to have after this sample runs out. 

Joy Organics Pharmacutical Grade DBD Softgels
About the Company:
Joy Organics is located in Colorado. They're a real deal family business and you will be impressed with their level of professionalism. They are super responsive to any questions (I know, because I've emailed them many times) and they have such a thoughtful, minimalistic packaging to the brand that I think is missing from other CBD companies.
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