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The Dixie Botanicals Peppermint CBD Hemp Oil Drops are a standard for a company that has made its name as one of the best-known national brands since 2012 – an eternity in the world of CBD, so they must be doing something right. On their site, Dixie says, “Enjoy the energetic sensation of the spicy, yet cooling peppermint CBD oil after brushing your teeth and relax at the end of your day with it in your evening tea.”


They’re right about one thing – it’s an eye-opener. The peppermint is strong and crisp, even bracing, and completely wipes out any hemp taste. For hemp users who don’t like the earthy (a nice word for “tastes like dirt” flavor of straight CBD oil which is a barrier for a lot of people), Dixie’s peppermint flavor turns their tincture into a refreshing and invigorating burst. It’s one of the few CBD tincture products that can legitimately serve as a breath-freshener.

The packaging is solid. Dixie sells their tincture in a glass bottle with a dropper that has become the industry standard for this kind of product. The dark brown bottle prevents oxidation. It’s simple and straightforward to use – no need to reinvent the wheel when we’ve been using bottles like this for medicines for generations.


I and some of our other reviewers did have a minor complaint about the packaging: specifically the logo. The Dixie Botanicals logo is super stylized and stylish – and, at least to our eyes, hard to read. I’m sure Dixie went through lots of drafts and sketches and chose one that said “Hip, cool, modern,” but I had to study it before the word “Dixie” clicked.

Lab Testing

It’s reassuring to see that Dixie does three rounds of lab testing on their products; according to the site, they test for heavy metals, solvents, and other contaminants. Their Triple Lab Tested standard sees their hemp tested right after the extraction (in Europe, where their oil is made), then again when the oil goes through shipping and customs to the US, and then a third time after their products have been made. Most other companies only test once, at the beginning of the process, so triple checking helps customers feel sure that nothing was contaminated in the making of their products either.

However, I would feel even more confident if Dixie actually published their test results publicly, like some other companies do. Maybe it’s just because I’m the kind of person who washes my triple-washed salad greens before eating them, but I’m not necessarily going to trust the company’s word that it was tested three times without proof of what the testing found. “We tested it and it’s good” is probably enough for most people, but let’s see some specifics.

Dixie Botanicals - Dew Drops
About the Company:
The Dixie Botanicals® line includes CBD products ranging from tinctures to topicals . They pride themselves on triple lab testing all of their offerings to ensure customers receive the highest quality products for their needs.
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