Get Clean! A Review of Pass Your Test

image credit: Urine Drug Test HQ

Marijuana use laws vary from state to state but marijuana is still illegal under federal law. This is true even when the user has a medical marijuana license. This means you can get drug tested at work and fired even when you are using marijuana legally. A handful of states have passed laws to help protect medical cannabis users who test positive for THC at work but even those laws can not prohibit employers from discriminating against or dismissing legal marijuana users in order to comply with federal requirements.

Since CBD manufactured from marijuana contains trace amounts of THC the same rules apply to many CBD users.  Therefore, medical and recreational marijuana and CBD users need to pass all drug tests in order to be guaranteed continued employment. Luckily, detoxing the body can make this possible for even daily users according to

Who is Pass Your Test? is a leader in the field of clean THC and Nicotine tests, They have been helping clients detox in a variety of ways for the last 20 years. According to their website, they have helped over a quarter of a million people pass their drug tests. Many client testimonials state they also lost weight or felt healthier in addition to successfully passing their drug tests. Detoxing has many added benefits and is generally considered safe and easy. has a variety of products for sale and customized, user friendly assistance. The website boasts an interactive component on the bottom of the home page that allows you to enter your exposure levels, how much time you have to prepare for the tests and what sort of test you will be taking (blood, hair, urine, etc.).

The data gathered helps the client choose the right course of action for a timely detox and an at home test kit to make sure it worked. The most popular product they sell is the 5 Day extreme Detoxification Program. It is a five day regime that guarantees a permanent removal of toxins in the body or your money back! Larger people and extremely toxic people may need to do a ten day cleanse to ensure a negative test but the website will help you decide what is right for you. The company also sells last minute products for surprise tests, These can be taken at anytime and work for up to six hours after ingesting the mixture. Several versions of these are available and they even sell shampoo to detox your hair incase it is tested.

Things to Consider

All of the products sold by are made from a proprietary blend of vitamins and herbs. The blend is only recommended for adults and not for pregnant or lactating women. You should not use any of these products if you have high blood pressure, heart disease or frequent diarrhea. The company is very transparent about not having FDA approval and not being a medically supervised program. They only claim to provide safe and natural options for people making individual lifestyle choices who wish to cleanse their bodies of unwanted toxins. They also provide cleansing coaches and advice about diet leading up to the test. The cleanse works much more efficiently if you consume a low fat, low carbohydrate diet and drink plenty of fluids. 

Any Negatives?

The biggest downside of these products is cost. They range from sixty to one hundred and fifty dollars per treatment. This can be cost prohibitive for many people but it is a small price to pay for getting or keeping a job. As federal laws catch up with state laws governing the cannabis and CBD market there may be less of a need for products like these. But for now it is great to have a safe, natural way to pass your test.