Meet PetSerene

The people behind PetSerene provide an online marketplace selling high-quality, non-GMO, 100% organic CBD oil products for pets. With the “vision to enhance your pet’s wellness and enhance the quality of life for your pet,” they provide a blog and products ranging from tinctures to balms to treats, as well as online resources and educational materials on pets and CBD use.

Citing a foundation on the “3 pillars of knowledge, quality and customer satisfaction,” PetSerene began when they began hearing testimonials from pet owners who had witnessed the healing powers of CBD oil. Completely on board with CBD oil from that point on, PetSerene continues to offer their customers an affordable, all-natural alternative to the sometimes-harmful pharmaceutical drugs that are often prescribed.

We spoke with PetSerene Business Development Director Eli Katz to answer some of the burning questions that pet owners may have when they first learn of CBD oil as an option for their pets. Here’s what he had to say:

What is PetSerene’s story with CBD?
“PetSerene is an online marketplace that sells a curated selection from the top US producers of the highest quality, non-GMO, 100% organic CBD oil products for your pet’s health and wellness.”

How did you learn of the benefits of CBD?
“We first came across CBD when we heard different testimonials from pet owners and the healing powers they had discovered in CBD oil. We continue to be involved in CBD in order to enable our customers to have access to the all-natural healing powers that CBD oil has to offer, in many cases, as a low-cost, natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs that often are accompanied by a wide range of negative side effects.”

Did you ever have misgivings about CBD?
“Our only misgiving is that we only recently discovered the healing powers of CBD and how it can help our pets!”

What else would you like our readers to know?
“PetSerene’s mission is to carry a wide range of all-natural, 100% organic CBD oil solutions for your pet’s health at competitive prices and incredible customer service.”

To learn more about PetSerene and to check out their selection of products, visit their site at