Kat’s Naturals CBD Oil

Location: Dunlap, TN
About Kat's Naturals:
Kat's Naturals offers CBD oil tinctures made from Tennessee hemp. The tinctures use 99.9 percent CBD isolate and are mixed with organic essential oils like peppermint, ginger and orange. Kat's Naturals suggests that the benefits of CBD oil include natural anti-inflammatory properties that may help with pain, stress, anxiety, depression and related conditions. The products go through a third party analysis and have a certificate of analysis based on the results of the third party tests. They are very transparent in the process used to extract and distill CBD oils and tinctures.
Source: Tennessee
Lab Tested?: Yes
Member of Hemp Roundtable?: No
Organic, locally sourced, CBD isolate. One full-spectrum option.
300 mg -1500 mg per 30 ml bottle.