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Joy Organics CBD
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Energy drinks come in seemingly endless forms these days. Whether you’re a student burning the midnight oil, a mom of energetic toddlers, or an athlete looking for some extra umpf in the gym or post-workout, energy drinks have become a staple in the modern diet. The CBD Energy + Focus Drink Mix by Joy Organics will be a welcomed addition, whether you’re new to energy drinks or looking for an energy drink with the additional benefits CBD has to offer.

Joy Organics is one woman’s response to experiencing the effectiveness of CBD in her own pain management and trouble sleeping well — common issues increasingly being treated with CBD. According to the Joy Organics website, the company was founded after Joy personally realized the need for better, more affordable and effective CBD products. Her mission: “To help people by creating the most pure, organic and bioavailable broad spectrum cannabinoid products on the market, all at a price people can afford.” A family run business, Joy Organics is now a vibrant member of the CBD community offering a wide array of CBD products that can be purchased online or at one of their three stores.

One thing is for sure, Joy Organics strives for excellence and this comes across in everything from their transparency to their packaging. After spending some time on the website, you get the sense this family has the closest thing to Martha Stewart-meets-CBD. It’s impeccable from start to finish. But it’s about substance, not fluff. You can read about their 7-Step Process and access lab tests for each of their products easily on their website. The lab tests uploaded for their Energy + Focus drink are recently updated and include Microbial Analysis, and Heavy Metal testing.

The Joy Organics CBD Energy + Focus Drink is a water-soluble powder that currently comes in one flavor, “Happy Berry.” One box contains 5 packets, each containing 75 mg of caffeine and 12.5 mg of CBD. The list of all of its ingredients, including the proprietary Joy Organics Blend, is listed on the box and online. The box and individual packets, by the way, are adorably designed.


From the moment you see the packaging you have the sense that this is a carefully crafted professional product. The packaging is clean and simple and yet it includes all the information you would look for as a conscientious consumer of CBD. The powder dissolves quickly in water. And it has a pleasant, fruity taste. I do not enjoy drinks that leave a sweet aftertaste and while this drink is sweet, it is not too sweet and I didn’t experience any unpleasant aftertaste. I might need a higher dosage of CBD post-workout as I didn’t notice any particular effects. But that may also be because the positive effects were mingling with the usual post-workout endorphin high. You do not have to only use this product after workouts, though. It would be easy to incorporate into your day at any point. If you buy online you receive free shipping and a 30 day money back garuantee.


As mentioned above, the CBD Energy + Focus Drink Mix might need a bit more CBD- but that is always variable as CBD affects people differently depending on many factors such as weight and diet. It’s not cheap. $19.75 buys you five packets. However, there are discounts if you buy more than one box. If you buy 2 you receive 10% off; buy 3 you receive 15% off. I’d like to see more than one flavor option.

Joy Organics CBD Energy + Focus Drink Mix
About the Company:
Joy Organics is first and foremost, a family business. They may have grown to have three stores in three different states, but they maintain a small business feel. The founder, Joy, along with her husband and four grown kids are all integral parts of the business in their various locations.
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