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Huny-B CBD
Hemp Oil Heat Rub 250 mg
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I had the perfect chance to really put Huny-B’s Hemp Oil Heat Rub to the test – running a 5K with my daughter’s running club with no preparation or training whatsoever. Running up and down steep hills for 3.1 miles put a real beating on my calves and knees, and when the adrenaline wore off, the cramping set in. You could bounce a quarter off my calves, and not in a good way – they would not unclench.

Enter Huny-B. It takes a bit of heat from your hands to soften up, but once I applied it on my calves and knees, I felt it almost instantly. A warm sensation, a little tingly. My calves soon relaxed and began to feel more normal. It had all of the effect of a sports liniment, but a very pleasant herbal scent instead of a horrific locker-room stench. And I know every product out there- Bengay, Tiger Balm, Biofreeze and even alternatives like Emu oil muscle rubs! I was a daily runner for a few years, but frequent torn calf muscle complications and a meniscus tear stopped my training for about 6 months.

Product Specifics for Huny-B Hemp Oil Heat Rub

  • Main ingredient: hemp seed oil
  • 250 mg CBD
  • Includes arnica, peppermint, eucalyptus, and all sorts of essential oils – 21 in all
  • Currently selling in 1.8 oz cans for $49 or $69 (depending on concentration)
  • Comes in two concentrations – 250 mg or 500 mg

What Stands Out Positively about Huny-B Hemp Oil Heat Rub?

  • Scent
  • Effectiveness
  • Made in America

The first thing that stands out about Huny-B’s Hemp Oil Heat Rub is the scent. The combination of essential oils and herbs could easily be overwhelming, but Huny-B has found a fine balance that is complementary and enjoyable. They’re not kidding about their claim – there are more than 20 different herbs and essential oils, and each one is explained in detail on the Huny-B site. The founders have spent years experimenting with essential oils and their effects, and their customers are now the beneficiaries of their work.

Effectiveness: It works, it actually works. The effect is almost immediately apparent, and lasts for quite a while; in my own trial, it was several hours before I started feeling the real soreness return, and the next day it was much better. Heed their advice to wash your hands, though – the tingliness will hang around for a while.

Huny-B’s products, most importantly, are made in America by a small business that cares about the quality of their products, and their responsibility to their customers. They make it because they use it themselves and believe in it, and that’s a real rarity in the booming world of CBD, where so many companies are just jumping in on the fad. Made in the delightfully named Delight, AR, Huny-B is lab tested and 100% free of THC.

Any Negatives?

We only used the Hemp Oil Heat Rub for an acute, temporary pain; we can’t speak to its effectiveness long-term for chronic pain. Our only concern would be that the 1.8 oz can would probably go pretty quickly for heavy use, and that will add up. On the other hand, the price is in line and even a little lower than other similar products, and it’s probably a lot cheaper than the prescriptions a lot of people use for chronic pain – and a whole lot safer.

Huny-B CBD Hemp Oil Heat Rub 250 mg
About the Company:
Huny-B is located in Arkadelphia, Arkansas and their CBD is sourced locally in their home state. Huny-B's core principles go beyond hemp. They include using recyclable materials in their products, developing support for children with Autism and implementing practices that protect the bee population. They include lab reports for all products and are committed to banning pesticide use with the growth of all of their product ingredients.
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