Should I Go Higher? All Bout High-Potency CBD

When I began my quest to understand CBD oil, and more specifically how to use CBD oil for anxiety, I read a lot of material. I researched to find CBD information and had conversations with people who swear by CBD. It was still so new, and hard to decode how to use this form of cannabis most effectively. There were CBD products available from capsules, to tinctures, to candy and other edibles all with different indications. At this stage in the game, there were still so many holes in the research about CBD dosage for anxiety mg, and the best vehicle for most effective use. There is more information readily available about CBD oil than ever before regarding dosage, potency, and form for which to ingest. Here are some of my findings after two years of regular use and research:

In terms of potency

Many products are labeled using the word concentration when referring to how much CBD or cannabinoid is in the product at hand. The letters “mg” are short for milligrams which is the measurement used to determine the concentration of CBD per serving. The letters “mL” stand for milliliters is used to determine the serving size. Generally, 1 mL is one serving of CBD oil. Often, a bottle of CBD contains 1500 mg with 30 mL of tincture, and with 1 mL as the standard serving size that would mean there are 50MG of CBD in a 1mL dose. Whereas, some consumers get confused and think they would be getting 1500 mg per dose. 

Notes on Dosage

When I first started taking CBD in tincture form I was so happy with the results that I decided to increase the amount I was taking to unwind a little deeper and prep myself for a good night of sleep after a long week. I had a very surprising experience of increased insomnia and anxiety. It was so disempowering because I had not experienced these symptoms since I had been regularly taking CBD.  

Upon further research, I learned that there is such a thing as too much CBD. This is especially true when taking it in its pure form, CBD Isolate. In fact, just recently the Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry determined that there is what is called a “bell shape dose-response curve.” This study brought to light that a proper medicinal dose of CBD is within a specific dosing window, and correlates with a person’s body weight. It also depends on the type of product they are consuming. People with a higher BMI require a larger dose and vice versa. When we are talking about broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD products, the normal curve effect is less prominent. Since there are other cannabinoids present, not just CBD, the product becomes less sensitive to dosing. This is how we know there is such a thing as too much; taking higher doses of CBD, especially in its isolate form, can make worse the initial symptoms being treated.  

How to take CBD

CBD gummies for anxiety are super convenient because you can pop them in your mouth during a stressful meeting or before getting on stage. It turns out, however, that edibles, including gummies, take longer to hit the bloodstream. Different bodies assimilate and break down nutrients differently, and it is harder to know how much of the CBD you are actually taking in. Smoking or vaping the flower will have the quickest impact, and a close second is taking a tincture dropper full, which gives you more precise dosing.