Review of Green Gorilla Gummies

Review of Green Gorilla Gummies
About Green Gorilla:
Green Gorilla has locations in Los Angeles, Malibu, Sao Paulo, and London. Green Gorilla uses a chemical-free process to extract CBD without the inclusion of THC. CBD oil tincture for sale from Green Gorilla include pure versions as well as full spectrum types. The full spectrum CBD oil extract reduces inflammation, boosts the immune system naturally, alleviates occasional periods of stress, supports bone health, acts as a sleep aid, and improves brain function. Non-GMO whole plant phytocannabinoid rich hemp is used in the company’s flagship product.
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mainly isolates, full-spectrum extracts too. 150 mg/1 ounce bottles up to 7500 mg/2 ounce bottles; lemon or olive oil flavors

What I am about to say is likely very relatable– I love eating candy and I hate swallowing pills or even taking tinctures. The hard thing about getting things like gummy vitamins is that many of them are full of so much extra crap, it doesn’t feel worth taking the vitamin in the first place. I first tried a different brand of CBD gummies only to find out there was high fructose corn syrup in every dose. I’m no diet guru, nor perfect vegetable consumer, but I know enough to recognize that it doesn’t make sense to take something positive if it is wrapped in something that has a negative impact.

Obviously, when I discovered the Green Gorilla brand of gummies I was excited but also a little doubtful. I still wanted my CBD experience to feel like an indulgence, and clearly these were made with only the best ingredients. Organic cane sugar is one of the ingredients, which I know isn’t on the Whole30 or whatever, but at least it is better than any form of corn syrup. Other ingredients include organic tapioca and GG Bioenhanced Complex– their own proprietary blend of organic herbs and botanicals that enhance the product’s impact.  The flavor of the gummies comes from organic blended fruit and vegetable juices and a blend of oils that are loaded with antioxidants. The flavor spectrum in the bottle I tried was called Berry Spectrum which includes strawberry, gorilla berry, and wild berry. They tasted so good, I found myself wanting to eat more! 

Product Specifics:

  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher
  • Vegan (no gelatine)
  • Each Gummy contains 5mg
  • 300 mg per bottle
  • THC free
  • 99% Pure Hemp Cannabidiol
  • Easy for travel-grab-and-go-style
  • Great variety of berry flavors

I was also happy to see that there are no traces of THC in this product, as I get drug tested periodically at my job, and can’t have traces of marijuana lurking around in my system and it was important to me to ensure I would not get an accidental positive from taking a CBD product. I have a super busy lifestyle and find that both stress and exercise have been impacting my joints and causing more aches and pains as I get older. I took Green Gorilla Gummies for these reasons and saw pretty great results. After a run on concrete (not the best form of exercise for my joints, but sometimes the only exercise available to me without time for the gym) I noticed my knees and hips felt great. It was clear to me that this was only because I remembered to pop two of the Green Gorilla Gummies before starting my workout. I also took them before a yoga class and actually felt euphoric after the svanasana was all done. I felt like some of the inflammation I’ve been experiencing from seasonal allergies had even gone away a little bit, including some of the rashes I get in the heat of summer.

I tend to be a pretty anxious person in general and CBD helps. These little Green Gorilla Gummies have been helpful in keeping me focused and allowing my body to relax, without losing my edge. One important thing I noticed was that these gummies did not make me feel drowsy or fatigued, but chilled out for sure. This feels like an important distinction for a busy lifestyle like mine.