Green Garden Gold CBD Oil

Last updated:
Source: Europe
Lab Tested?: Yes
Member of Hemp Roundtable?: No
full spectrum 1000mg and 4000mg
About Green Garden:
Green Garden Gold, based in Texas, is a top-rated CBD store that offers the best CBD oil products extracted from the finest of hemp. Their mission is to develop and sell CBD products that relieve chronic painful conditions. Green Garden Gold is CBD extracted from hand-picked, organic European Hemp. Green Garden Gold has grown significantly since 2014. Currently, the company is a nationally recognized hemp supplier. They manufacture a variety of CBD products that include oils, capsules and creams. Their Med Pac CBD Oil provides full spectrum extracts through rigid CO2 extraction technology.

How We Scored the Top 40 Best CBD List

Our methodology was based on the average score of a CBD Oil brand across eleven currently published rankings. Plus, points for how many rankings each brand was featured in. Each brand's final score was then configured based on a 5.0 scale.