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Dr. Norm’s award-winning CBD Infused Cookies are quickly becoming a favorite among folks looking for a tasty CBD edible. The cookies come in two flavors: Peanut Butter Chocolate Therapy and Chocolate Chip Therapy. You can purchase them as singles or by the bag. Whether you are purchasing single cookies or bags, you can select based on your preferred dosage: 5 mg, 10 mg, 25 mg. “Know Your Dose” is the company’s mantra and they make it very easy to identify the dose contained in each product. If you don’t know which dosage is right for you — most of us don’t when we’re new CBD users — the company suggests starting with the lowest dosage, 5 mg, observe its effects over two hours, and determine whether it’s necessary to up your dosage for optimal results.

Dr. Norm’s was begun by the offspring of Dr. Norm, an M.D. who instilled the values of compassion and humor in his children, and “Mom” who was a pharmacist and “magician in the kitchen.” The children/ company owners describe themselves as “hardworking, funny, caring folks that just want to give a little something back in the way our Mom and Dr. Norm did.” Their way of giving back is making delicious CBD cookies that we can happily say are well worth the dollars.


We reviewed both flavors of cookies: Peanut Butter Chocolate Therapy and Chocolate Chip Therapy — each with the 15 mg dosage. Luckily we are fans of peanut butter and it’s hard to imagine a more heavenly combination than peanut butter and chocolate. The cookies are small and dense peanut butter cookies with tiny chocolate chips. You cannot taste the CBD — a plus by most people’s standards. They somehow manage to maintain a sense of freshness in their zip-lock bag. The packaging and design is simple and all ingredients are clearly marked. A big plus is that they are vegan-friendly while still being very tasty. The Chocolate Chip Therapy cookies are not vegan-friendly, but they are still yummy. A little smaller and dryer than the Peanut Butter Chocolate Therapy cookies, these tiny chocolate chip cookies still pack a flavorful punch.


It’s hard to find a con to tasty cookies with health benefits. And there aren’t many cons with Dr. Norm’s CBD Infused Cookies. If you have nut allergies, you’ll want to stay away from the Chocolate Chip Therapy Cookie as it contains pecans and almonds. Both cookies contain wheat, which might deter some gluten-free consumers. Although we really liked the design of the packaging and website, the website can be a little hard to navigate if you are looking for these cookies specifically as Dr. Norm’s also sells cookies with THC and that is what you will find initially on their Product page. The website, while nice and informative, could be a little easier to navigate when looking for specific CBD products.

Transparency and Lab Testing of Dr. Norm’s CBD Cookies

Transparency is the name of the game in the growing CBD industry. This means paying attention to whether or not a company provides updated lab tests for consumer review. Dr. Norm’s does provide the results of an extensive — more in-depth than most — lab test for their Peanut Butter Chocolate Therapy cookie which was conducted 8/24/2018 and is downloadable from their website. There does not seem to be a similar option for the Chocolate Chip Therapy cookie. It is commendable that they have opted for the extensive test which includes a Chemical Residue Analysis, Residual Solvent Analysis, Microbial Analysis, and Filth & Foreign Material. The Cannabinoid Analysis shows the sample contained a slightly higher amount of CBD (17 mg) than listed on the package.

Dr. Norm's CBD Infused Cookies
About the Company:
Dr. Norm’s was founded by siblings, Jeff Koz and Roberta Wilson. Dr. Norm was their beloved dad and trusted M.D. They are committed to delivering consistently dosed products and encourage customers to learn what dosage is right for them.
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