Review of CBDFive Vape Pen

I had been reluctant to jump onto the CBD bandwagon, but after a number of friends mentioned how life-altering it had been for them, I decided to try it with my partner. I had heard good things about the CBD Five Vape pen. Since my partner was in the process of quitting smoking, it seemed like vaping might distract from cigarettes. I have heard about the dangers of vaping, but feel comfortable with my research into this company to at least try it. I figured, it can’t be worse than smoking cigarettes, and if she quits, and my anxiety goes away, why not feed two birds with one seed?

I had only vaped once before and found it to be too harsh on my lungs, but the CBDFive Vape Pen claimed to be more gentle. With the first puff, I could easily confirm that they were right! I took three puffs and felt a warming sensation that was brief and gentle. The abrasive quality of my last vaping experience was totally absent from the CBD Five Vape Pen. I also liked the flavor; it was a little minty and cooling, which made it seem refreshing. In under five minutes, I was aware that my shoulders felt less tense and the sinus pressure that I always struggle with during change of seasons seemed to dissipate. Overall, I was more relaxed, though I wouldn’t say it was a dramatic change to how I was feeling prior to vaping. 

Vaping for Mind and Body

My partner had a more notable experience then I did from her first time consuming the CBDFive Vape Pen. It was interesting timing for her because she had been struggling with a bee sting on her ankle that was lingering from three days ago. The sting had made her ankle swell so much, and it was not going down. She even tried Benadryl, Advil, and a topical sting stop cream; all of which had almost no impact.

Walking and standing were becoming uncomfortable. Neither of us considered that CBD could be helpful for a bee sting. It was remarkable that after three or four puffs on the CBDFive vape pen, the pain from her ankle pushed its way out entirely. I watched as the inflammation went down. After three days this was the only thing that made her ankle a manageable size and pain level. This was the most obvious physical impact for her, but not the only one she reported. She has always struggled with lack of attention and focuses and she noticed that throughout the afternoon she was able to be much more efficient with her work, and more focused. If that is not enough, I also kept hearing her call out from her office “Wow, and my back pain is almost completely gone!” Yet another way that the CBD Vape Pen had positively impacted her. 

CBDFive Vape pen is not like the others

  • Pen designed specifically to accommodate CBD vape oil consumer
  • Pen body is made with glass and metal construction (no plastic)
  • 3 click variable voltage (3.wv/3.6v/3.8v)
  • Universal Charging 

As far as smoking goes, since this first day she tried the vape pen, she was able to go from 10 or so cigarettes a day to just three, and she’s started reaching for the vape pen instead of her trusty pack of smokes. It is still baby steps, but before the CBDFive Vape, she was not sure she could be successful at getting off of cigarettes. She tells me to be sure to include in this review that her life has seen major improvements since we discovered this product. For me, it has also been pleasant. I reach for the Vape Pen now during an allergy headache or a backache, but as a nonsmoker, I haven’t started incorporating it into my daily practice. 

Review of CBDFive Vape Pen
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