CBD Oil for Back Pain

Some people use CBD (Cannabidiol) oil as a means of helping reduce or manage their chronic back pain symptoms. Under some circumstances, patients have found that CBD oil reduces inflammation, pain, and discomfort when they’re experiencing back pain. CBD oil products are made from cannabis making it a cannabinoid, which is a chemical you’ll find naturally in hemp plants and marijuana. However, you won’t experience the same “high” feeling cannabis often produces, which is typically caused by THC.

Why Are People Turning to CBD Oil for Back Pain?

For anyone who has ever experienced back pain, they’ll tell you its persistence is the most challenging symptom. When the American Academy of Pain Medicine refer discusses their facts and figures on pain, they site a statistic given by the Centers for Disease Control, “Back pain is the leading cause of disability in Americans under 45 years old. More than 26 million Americans between the ages of 20-64 experience frequent back pain.” Under most circumstances, patients seek treatment and care involving minimizing and managing their pain.

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People are turning to CBD oil for back pain management because studies indicate it’s showing benefits. According to a pre-review report published by the World Health Organization in 2017, “[CBD oil may have therapeutic benefits for those experiencing pain, and it may have an] Analgesic effect in patients with neuropathic pain resistant to other treatments.”

How to Use CBD for Back Pain

There’s a growing belief among researchers that there’s a connection between how CBD oil is interacting with your immune system and the receptors in your brain. The small proteins attached to your cells responsible for receiving chemical signals from various stimuli and helping your cells remain responsive are receptors. When this occurs, it creates pain-killing and anti-inflammatory effects that assist with the reduction and management of pain. Therefore, it’s possible for individuals to use CBD for back pain and find relief.

The Benefits of Using CBD for Chronic Back Pain

Research published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine indicates that there is substantial evidence supporting that the use of CBD for chronic back pain is an effective treatment. According to this research, those using CBD could experience a reduction in their inflammation and pain symptoms. Further, researchers also indicate that the subjects who use CBD for pain management are not likely tolerance to its effects. Therefore, it’s not necessary to continually increase their dosages.

Can Individuals Use CBD for Sciatica Pain?

Sciatica refers to pain in association with the sciatic nerve. Those who are experiencing sciatic can experience mild to severe pain that’s associated with tingling and inflammation. Under some circumstances, the pain can cause immobilization. Research suggests that the use of CBD for sciatica pain show benefits. Patients can use oil, topical creams, gels, and edibles to help manage their pain.