CBD & Alcohol: Best Brews Infused with CBD

We live in a time when craft beer is the way to many hipsters hearts. The same can be said for many varieties of cannabis products, specifically CBD oil-infused products. So, why not marry the two and make them available on tap at millennial hangout spots? Read on for the low down on this seemingly obvious match up. 

There has been a lot of conversation and research about CBD and alcohol interactions, only to find that CBD and alcohol together make a lovely duo. Because CBD oil is not psychoactive like it’s cannabis counterpart, THC, the impact of the pairing won’t be dramatic. Sometimes it is not even all that noticeable during consumption. Beer and CBD together is a more exciting combination than you may even know. Some kinds of CBD even counter the negative impacts of drinking alcohol itself, like, at the same time. CBD may also help avoid cellular damage from alcohol, and as a result of its anti-inflammatory properties. If you need more, there is even evidence that CBD offers liver-protective properties. So, in simple terms, CBD oil can potentially protect the body from alcohol-related stress and create a more calming impact than a beer on its own might. Alcohol is known to be a common depressant and CBD might even have a reverse impact. 

So, what’s the scoop on beer with CBD? 

CBD beer effects are still being understood, and though few breweries have made names for themselves as CBD beer brands, this is a very new market. For example, Founder’s Brewing Co. out of Michigan is in the early stages of piloting a beer infused with CBD oil, which has made headlines nationally. THC infused beers have shown popularity in states like Colorado where all forms of cannabis are legal, so it seems likely that CBD infused beer would also be a hit. 

There has been a huge success with a couple of breweries who have been selling similar products for the last couple of years:

Two Flowers IPA is the first beer in a series to be put out by Coalition Brewing, a brewery based in Portland, Oregon. In fact, they are the first in the state to infuse beer with CBD oil. This CBD ale boasts a thoughtful collaboration of plants including hops, barley, fruit, and of course Cannabidiol. There are no traces of THC so the impact of drinking it might include a little more relaxation than one may feel after sipping an average brewsky. The taste is likened to a west coast IPA with a bit of a grassier finish. 

6% alcohol 5 mg of CBD per pint 

George Washington’s Secret Stash CBD infused brew can be found in Aurora, Colorado’s one and only Dad and Dude’s Breweria. They pride themselves on being one of the first CBD beer brands and the only brewery that has joined the Hemp Industries Association. This groundbreaking brew is an IPA that is touted to be loaded with antioxidants and neuroprotectant qualities. Dad and Dude has gotten approval from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau to sell their masterpiece in all 50 states. The price is still undetermined. 

6.5% alcohol 4 mg of CBD per pint