5 Ways CBD Can Improve Your Sex Life

You have probably heard of using CBD to treat and manage physical and psychological ailments. It’s also an ideal product to incorporate into a healthy sex life. CBD oil can be taken orally, used topically or inhaled. Each type of administration has a place in the bedroom, and CBD can be used to enhance your intimacy in a number of ways.

1. CBD Can Reduce Sexual Anxiety

How often do you or your partner shy away from intimacy because you’re not in the mood? Many resources recommend spending time reconnecting with each other or engaging in longer foreplay sessions to boost your desire. But those tactics may not be effective if your willingness to get down is hindered by general anxiety.

Most people have a busy routine. Working, running errands, taking care of the kids, paying bills, getting exercise and eating healthfully take up precious brain space. By the time dinner is done, you’re overwhelmed, and your stress levels are amplified.

You might make excuses so that you don’t have to add anything else to your list of to-dos. Anxiety, depression, worry and stress can destroy your libido. Many people find that once they’re involved in the act of snuggling or lovemaking, though, they enjoy it.

That’s where CBD oil comes in. The National Institute on Drug Abuse explains that CBD influences brain signaling systems without causing the euphoric effects that THC produces.

Using marijuana, which does contain THC, can make some people paranoid. CBD isn’t associated with these anxious thoughts and usually enhances relaxation.

In one study, rodents were more likely to enter a maze when they were given CBD. The researchers attributed this to CBD’s anti-anxiety effects. This is promising for people who want to use CBD oil so that they can get in an exploratory mood and say yes to sex instead of letting routine stressors interfere with their libido.

2. CBD Can Give You More Confidence

Being vulnerable in front of others can be scary. Whether you’re in bed with a new date or a longtime lover, you might feel insecure about your body or your abilities. This can be compared to the social anxiety that some people feel when they’re involved in public speaking.

Researchers have studied CBD’s effectiveness in reducing this type of anxiety. They found that giving participants CBD reduced indicators of anxiety, including the ability to think clearly, alert levels and discomfort.

When used in the bedroom, CBD may help you stop worrying about your performance when you’re with your partner. It can take you out of that high-alert state and melt into the experience, keeping you focused on the present moment instead of getting wrapped up in the thoughts that swirl around in your mind.

3. CBD Can Intensify Your Orgasms

Health.com points out that anxiety can make orgasm difficult. If CBD reduces anxiety, it can also improve your ability to climax.

CBD can also be used topically to enhance your pleasure. Increasing lubrication can enhance sensation for both parties.

When the lube is infused with CBD, it can also reduce pain and inflammation. This is especially important for women. Approximately 20 percent of American women experience pain during intercourse. CBD may relax the muscles in the vagina and pelvis, making sex more comfortable and enjoyable.

There are many personal lubricants that use analgesics or numbing agents to mediate pain. These can reduce sensation and make it more difficult to achieve orgasm. CBD has the opposite effect. It diminishes pain by reducing inflammation without affecting sensation.

4. CBD Can Heighten Your Sensuality

Sex isn’t just about feeling pleasure in your genitals. All of your sensations are involved, and stimulating erogenous zones throughout your body can improve your experience.

However, many people aren’t connected to their bodies. Being stuck in your head during sex can prevent you from really getting turned on. If you experience any pain in your body, the intensity of that sensation can overwhelm any pleasurable feelings.

CBD can work from the inside out or on the surface to help you feel more. Use a topical massage agent that contains CBD to relieve sore muscles and massage yourself and your partner. This can improve your connection, reduce discomfort and prep you for erotic touch. Take CBD orally to relax so that you can surrender to sensual pleasure.

Using CBD for this purpose can take time. You might want to use topical CBD regularly instead of applying it just before sex to enhance its effects.

On the other hand, vaping CBD can deliver mood-enhancing effects within about 5 or 10 minutes. Sublingual administration also works rapidly. Taking it orally can produce effects within 20 minutes.

5. CBD May Reduce Sexual Shame

Unfortunately, sexual shame is perpetuated in our culture. You’re not supposed to talk about sex in public, and some displays of affection might spur others to roll their eyes and suggest that you get a room.

According to Psychology Today, this repression may be instilled by religious beliefs, school dress codes and abstinence-based sex education programs. Shame around erotic intimacy can also be caused by traumatic experiences.

This internal conflict bleeds into many adult lives. It may live in your subconscious, affecting the way that you experience pleasure. In other words, many individuals are conditioned to experience negative emotions when it comes to sex.

CBD has been shown to enhance your ability to extinguish these unconscious apprehensions. In one study, rodents were conditioned to feel fear after they were shocked when they were exposed to a certain trigger. In this case, the trigger was a box.

When the rats saw the same box 24 hours after they were shocked, they experienced signs of fear, including a rapid heart rate and a freeze response. After receiving CBD injections, the rats were calmer when they were exposed to the trigger.

A similar experiment was conducted with humans. Researchers found similar results.

These findings indicate that CBD may help attenuate the learned fear that many people associate with sex. If you get nervous when it’s time to connect physically, you might want to try using CBD oil along with gentle touch and positive techniques that help you disassociate physical intimacy from distressing emotions.

CBD is safe to use and doesn’t make you high. If you’ve been looking for a unique way to improve your sex life, you might want to try using a top quality CBD for its ability to relax you, reduce pain and help you get in the mood.