Beat Holiday Stress With CBD

In preparation for the holiday month(s) it is important to understand the benefits of self-care and make some reasonable plans to make it happen. As nice as it would be for some of us to go on a 2-month meditation retreat, and return when the new year has already been rung in, it is not really a thing. Even those who love to get festive and welcome the holiday season with Christmas lights, mulled wine, and a house full of family and friends, still have stress to contend with. The natural physiological challenges alone that come with longer nights and less opportunity to bask in the vitamin D-rich sunshine can impact joy. Not to mention, many of us are traveling or having to engage with an ole’ uncle Larry who doesn’t share our life values. It can be hard out here. 

Can CBD oil lower cortisol levels? 

CBD stress research suggests, yes! CBD oil for anxiety has had a dramatic impact on many people who experience the varying kinds and degrees of this kind of stress. CBD has become a trusted companion for many to aid in a myriad of issues ranging from insomnia and depression to inflammatory conditions like arthritis and auto-immune disorders. Many people also rely on this compound found in cannabis, also known as cannabinoids, to treat inflammation of all kinds. It can be used as needed, in especially high-pressure situations like public speaking, or before going to a party to quiet common social anxieties. When planning for the holiday season, it is helpful to have an arsenal of tools on hand just in case. Many of these can be of the CBD variety. Now, you may be new to this form of non-psychoactive cannabis, or maybe you’re someone who takes your gummy or dropperful each day. Either way, there are so many new ways to utilize this supportive agent found in cannabis. 

Green Roads CBD Infused Coffee Beans

Coffee is something that gives me life. Literally. It speaks my love language and is my morning ritual. During the holidays I treat myself to extra-special coffee infused with CBD oil. It’s a little pricy to do every day, but I look forward to this extra-special holiday treat when the cold brings me indoors, and I want to feel cozy. There are many brands and sites where you can find CBD coffee for sale, but my favorite brand is Green Roads. An 8-ounce bag of CBD infused coffee beans is $39.99. 

Upstate CBD Gummies

Sometimes it’s good to go a simpler route, and just have a dose of CBD at all times as a precautionary measure. CBD gummies for pain, anxiety, or occasional stress (like the holidays) are a great way to go. You can pop one in your mouth while walking into Aunt Rhoda’s house for Thanksgiving to ensure a little extra ease. I personally love the brand Upstate Elevator Co. for gummies, because they taste great, have no artificial sweeteners or additives and are easy. You can buy a bottle online for $49.99. 

Cordial Organics Bitters

A festive route you can go for a holiday dose of calm is CBD bitters for cocktails or mocktails. Who doesn’t love an elevated convivial drink for a little extra cheer? Cordial Organics makes a blend that uses premium CBD flower with a mixture of other herbs like lemongrass and cardamom to inspire a low-stress evening.