5 Ways CBD Can Help Your Pets

With Canada recently legalizing marijuana and more American states legalizing it for medical or recreational use, more people are starting to realize its benefits. CBD oil has been in the news a lot lately, and some recent headlines have mentioned the benefits of the substance for pets. For pet owners who are considering giving the oil to an animal with health issues, these are five benefits of it that are supported by peer-reviewed research.

1. Eases Inflammation

As pets age, they often develop arthritis in one or more of their joints. Pets may suffer from inflammatory conditions such as mange, inflammatory bowel disease and others that can have many long-lasting negative effects. If they are in pain from inflammation, they may be irritable or may be too uncomfortable to get adequate exercise. According to a peer-reviewed study that was published on the National Center for Biotechnology Information site, cannabinoids downregulated cytokine and chemokine production, which helped suppress inflammatory effects in mice.

2. Controls Seizures

Pet owners who have watched a beloved furry family member have a seizure understand the helpless feeling that accompanies the experience. In an animal study that was published by the European Journal of Epilepsy, researchers found that cannabinoids reduced the severity and duration of seizures. The researchers said that when combined with the lack of psychoactive effects, the finding from the study provided strong support in favor of CBD oil as a solution for therapeutic treatment of seizures.

3. Reduces Anxiety

Some pet owners have cats or dogs with severe anxiety. Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety may cause destruction that costs hundreds of dollars to fix. From frequent thunderstorms and sirens to other triggers such as bicycles or passing pedestrians, there are numerous things that can cause anxiety in pets. Some pets have anxiety that is severe enough to cause them to defecate or urinate in the house. For frustrated pet owners, CBD may be the answer. In a study that was published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, cannabinoid agents reduced feelings of depression, stress and anxiety. There was evidence of complex but beneficial interactions between the CBD hemp oil substance and the receptors that were responsible for producing certain neurobiological responses.

4. Prevents Vomiting

When a pet vomits, a pet owner gets worried quickly. Pets can vomit for many reasons ranging from excitement to a serious illness. Some pets vomit frequently because of food sensitivities, biological issues or environmental allergies. In some situations, medications for certain conditions can cause vomiting as a side effect. There are medications to control pet vomiting. However, those medications often come with multiple adverse side effects. In a study from the European Journal of Pharmacology, researchers found that CBD controlled both nausea and vomiting in animals. The vomiting reflex is too easily activated in some animals, and CBD helps reduce those reflexes. For pet owners who have a hard time getting a sick pet to eat enough food, the good news is that CBD may also improve appetite.

5. Alleviates Pain

From injuries and illnesses to old age, there are several things that can cause chronic pain in pets. As mentioned before, some pain comes from inflammatory issues. However, tissue and nerve damage can cause pain as well. For these types of pain, CBD may also be the solution. In a study from Translational Psychiatry, researchers found that CBD slowed or stopped anandamide absorption. Anandamide is a chemical that facilitates pain signal function in the brain. With a temporary anandamide increase, pain sensations are noticeably reduced. Also, there may be other beneficial effects from this action.

These are just a few of the benefits of CBD hemp oil for pets. If a pet owner must face the devastating experience of a pet getting cancer, CBD may slow the growth of tumors in some animals. Additionally, the benefits listed above are advantageous for a pet that is going through cancer treatment or one that is receiving comfort care. Since each pet has a unique health history and a specific set of needs, it is helpful to discuss CBD treatment options with a vet before making a purchase. Many vets today recommend this oil for a multitude of ailments since it is natural and does not come with the same harmful side effects that are associated with many popular prescription pet medications.