CBD Gift Guide: Top 5 CBD Gift Ideas

Let’s be honest, these are stressful times in the world. It’s hard to not get palpitations while flipping through news feeds and social media threads because everything feels so scary. It’s pretty safe to say that we all could use a destresser every now and then. The holidays are anxiety-producing for so many, so why not get a product that makes your loved ones feel pampered and more relaxed? It’s no secret CBD enriched products aid sleep and fight inflammation. They are a great support for releasing minor anxiety, panic, and depression. This is a great opportunity to help your people find a CBD companion to get them through the holiday hype. Ours is a well-rounded list that can accommodate every anxious cousin, arthritic aunt, and even the workplace hottie who you got as a secret Santa.

1. The Keeper’s Stash Hemp Enhanced Honey $65.99

The nickname for The Keeper’s Stash–Hemp Enhanced Honey is liquid gold, and that is not far from the truth. The packaging alone even makes me feel more relaxed. It comes is a gorgeous honeycomb-shaped glass bottle with a wooden lid. I had never heard of avocado honey until I got this luxurious treat. It was sourced from avocado trees in California and then infused with CBD oil. This is a lovely addition to coffee or tea, or even a biscuit or toast. The calming effects are palpable, and it’s an all-around delight to the senses.

2. Vertly CBD Oil Bath Salts $29

These Vertly Bath Salts are a true body and spirit game changer. They contain 50mg of full-spectrum CBD along with rich essential oils of rosemary, yarrow, and marjoram as well as more calming oils like clary sage, lemongrass and ginger-infused in dead sea salts– all of which in tandem aid in a release of muscle tension and create a sensual experience.

3. Monk Provisions Drinking Botanicals Sampler Box $35

Monk Provisions came up with a unique assortment of nonalcoholic “adult” drinks that are designed for a very relaxing evening. The sampler box is fun because you can get the feeling of sipping a highbrow mocktail while trying a variety of innovative flavor combinations including Ginger Maple Apple Shrub, Turmeric Lemon Ginger, and Cinnamon Citrus Shrub. Each bottle is infused with rich CBD oil. Together, they are designed to help the recipient take the edge off without any psychoactive impact.

4. Lord Jones Autumn Limited Edition Green Apple CBD Gumdrops $50

One of the fun things about these Lord Jones Autumn Limited Edition Green Apple CBD Gumdrops is the wide range of flavors. I like the green apple; it is tart and festive. They come in a beautiful forget-me-not box that makes the gift feel extra special. They are a truly special gift and dangerously delicious. With 20 mg of CBD per gumdrop, and 9 pieces per box, you’ll have plenty to share with the family coming over for holiday meals. While Lord Jones does not claim to make family members easier to be around, it likely can’t hurt.

5. Chocodelic Trip CBD Infused hot chocolate $15

Hot chocolate in the cold months is an extra special gift by itself. Memories of being offered mugs full of warm and calming magic, warm me now just thinking of them. This extra rich Dutch hot chocolate has a hefty dose of CBD. It is also infused with 10 botanical adaptogens including anti-aging and immune-boosting mushrooms. The affordability of this product makes it even more appealing.