Students having a test in a classroom

How CBD Oil Can Help Calm Your Nerves Before an Exam

Test-taking is the cause of enormous anxiety. For some students, the effects can be so severe that the student may experience excessive sweating, dry mouth, or even an inability to concentrate. The good news is that those students who experience severe test-taking anxiety can now turn to CBD oil for anxiety. As the CBD becomes more mainstream (even celebrities love it!), research and evidence-based findings now support the use of CBD for anxiety.  

Test-Taking Anxiety and CBD 

The CBD oil benefits for anxiety are well-recognized. It’s first important to understand that CBD is cannabidiol, derived from marijuana plants, but it is not psychoactive. CBD is not tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which means it doesn’t have the “high” that’s sometimes associated with marijuana use. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), CBD is effective for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Ongoing research supports CBD use for anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorders, etc. 

What Kinds of Products are Best for College Students?

In a college environment, students have busy schedules and lives, with work, social activities, and ongoing school-related activities. More than any other demographic group, college students need the flexibility and ease-of-use in their CBD products, so that they can use it where and when they need it the most. 

  • CBD pills for anxiety are the easiest and most accessible form. The capsules are convenient to take along for the student’s on-the-go lifestyle, but they’re also easy for students to swallow before a test to help with anxiety. These pills are also 
  • The high CBD strains for anxiety are the most effective for college students. These strains naturally decrease the levels of fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH), which has a relaxing effect without the “high.” 
  • CBD tincture for anxiety is a quick and easy option for college students. Formulated with 60-70% alcohol, the CBD tincture for anxiety comes in a little bottle with a dropper cap. College students can use the dropper to put the tincture under the tongue for fast absorption. 
  • CBD drops for anxiety could describe the CBD tincture, but they also refer to CBD oil. The CBD drops for anxiety can be found in a range of beauty and skin products, but it’s just as easy to use it alone by applying it directly to the skin. In addition to using CBD drops for anxiety, it has also been shown to be beneficial for acne, as well as just to calm the skin for a better look and feel particularly for sensitivity.  
  • CBD spray for anxiety could be likened to a breath freshener, and it’s just as easy to throw into the pocket of a backpack or jacket. 
  • CBD patches for anxiety might make you think of the pain-relieving patches, but these little patches just release the preferred dosage through the skin. The effect can be more gradual and longer-lasting than some other forms of CBD. 
  • CBD vape oil for anxiety is another popular form of the CBD product line. The CBD vape oil for anxiety works much the same as regular vape oil, so students are already familiar with how to use it. Students also find it easy to carry CBD vape oil with them and use it as needed for test-taking anxiety. 

Figuring Out Your Dose

Where there are lots of options for different CBD products, students still often wonder how to use CBD oil for anxiety. The answer is that students should determine how to use CBD oil for anxiety when they most need the calming effect. Of course, it’s not helpful to get sleepy or lose focus, particularly in a test-taking situation. So, it’s also important to determine how much CBD for anxiety will be the perfect amount to achieve the desired benefit. Dosage is key. It’s also tricky.

When you’re trying to determine how much CBD oil for anxiety will best meet your needs, you need to consider your body weight as well as your body chemistry (CBD oil can affect every person differently). Your determination for how much CBD oil for anxiety will also depend on the concentration. The next step is to determine how to take CBD oil for anxiety. You can take it via dermal drops applied to your skin approximately three times daily for a generalized anti-anxiety treatment. It’s better to start with a smaller dosage of CBD oil for anxiety to see how you feel, and then increase the dosage if needed. You can also try a combination of delivery methods, each with the preferred dosage of CBD for anxiety.

If you’re looking for a dosage of CBD for anxiety in a specific test-taking instance, it’s best to try it out beforehand. Find out how you feel, and also track the dosage of your use case. Then, when you really need the CBD oil for anxiety, you already have a good idea of what delivery method and dosage you’ll need to get you through the stressful test-taking situation.