What’s the Buzz: CBD Coffee Benefits

The growing popularity of CBD is changing the way people enjoy their beverages. The growing popularity of CBD coffee brings up a few questions. What is it and why it is becoming so popular? By recognizing what it is, you can determine if it is a good option for your routine and lifestyle.

What is CBD Coffee?

As the name implies, CBD coffee is any coffee beverage with CBD added to the mixture. Whether you add CBD directly to your coffee in the morning or you pick up a blended latte with added CBD, it is still a form of CBD coffee. It is particularly popular as a new beverage in coffee shops and similar businesses throughout the country.

Why is CBD Coffee Popular?

A key reason for the growing popularity of coffee beverages with CBD is the growing interest in supplementation and natural health. Furthermore, it is gaining attention due to the association with marijuana. Although CBD does not contain the properties that cause the high associated with the marijuana plant, it is derived from the marijuana plant and the growing confidence in the potential properties of the plant has drawn attention to products containing CBD.

Along with the hype associated with marijuana, the growing popularity of CBD is also a contributing factor in the rising popularity of CBD coffee. While studies into the impact of CBD on health are still in the early stages, it gives peace of mind to individuals who are concerned about the caffeine and the potential negative side effects of caffeinated beverages.

Benefits of Adding CBD to Coffee

The advantages of adding CBD to coffee depend on the expectations of the individual using the coffee. In general, it is associated with relaxation and low stress. When combined with coffee, it helps reduce the impact of the caffeine as it relates to the individual’s mind. While you may still experience the waking effect of coffee, it may help reduce the jittery effect that may arise in some individuals.

Keep in mind that CBD does cause drowsiness in some individuals, so it is important to try the coffee before you determine the potential impact on your body. In many coffee shops, the amount of CBD used in the beverage is very low. It is a small amount that will not change the taste or texture of the beverage. If you decide to make the coffee at home using CBD oil or a similar item, you will want to focus on starting with small amounts and gradually work up to a dosage that gives you the impact you expect. Keep in mind that CBD is classified as a supplement, so you want to use care when selecting a CBD product to add to your coffee. 

Talking to a Medical Professional About Using CBD

Although CBD coffee is growing in popularity, you should discuss the use of CBD and coffee with a medical doctor if you are making a change to your normal routine. CBD is considered a supplement, so you will want to ensure that your doctor is aware that you are taking the supplement to avoid any potential concerns that may arise. A doctor may recommend a specific dosage based on your health and situation. You can also ensure that it is safe to drink coffee if you do not already drink the beverage. 

Adding CBD to your coffee is a growing trend along with adding CBD to other beverages. Although it is a popular drink, you will want to make sure you do not have any obligations that require your full attention before you assume that it is ideal for your needs. Since CBD may cause drowsiness in some individuals, try the coffee when you have extra time to relax or you do not have any time constraints. It will allow you to determine how the drink impacts you before you add it to your normal routine or lifestyle.