CBD and Arthritis

Scientific research indicates that CBD – the cannabinoil extracted from the hemp plant –  may be a valuable tool for the management of chronic pain, particularly to reduce inflammation and pain of arthritic patients. This includes the varied types of arthritis like rheumatoid, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia and even gout.

How Cannabidiol (CBD) Relieves Arthritis Pain 

Inflammation is an indicator emitted by the body, an alarm that signals that a part of the body is in need of help. Inflammation plays an important role in protecting someone from an intrusive foreign agent, like a virus or bacteria. In this way, inflammation acts as a positive protective response.

However, certain autoimmune conditions (mostly of the chronic variety) trigger the inflammation process when in fact there were no foreign organisms that have entered the body, and therefore, there was no reason to protect the body. Essentially, an autoimmune condition causes the body’s immune system to begin to attack itself.

Arthritis is an autoimmune disease and a general term describing the condition of joint inflammation. Those afflicted with the several varieties of arthritis, depend on CBD to alleviate pain and downgrade inflammation.

The Benefits of CBD for Arthritis

There are many benefits to CBD oil, but increasingly CBD oil for arthritis is an evolving therapeutic method that has shown immense promise for reducing inflammation and pain to the more that 54 million people afflicted with arthritis.

One glaring difference between pharmaceutical treatments and CBD treatments is that pharmaceutical options generally have challenging side effects. Despite rampant rumors that CBD creates a psychoactive high to those who use it, the reality is that CBD does NOT alter the patient’s state of mind or consciousness.

The CBD dosage for rheumatoid arthritis is absorbed quickly (between 20 and 30 minutes) into the patient’s bodily systems, although each person processes CBD differently like any other medicine.

Scientific studies regarding the effective of CBD for arthritis are far still considered in its infancy, in terms of FDA oversight guarantees, however, there are many personal success stories being gathered to create an ever-expanding market for a correct CBD dose for arthritis.

The Different Applications of CBD Oil

Patients with arthritis generally absorb the CBD oil either by a CBD arthritis cream or gel,  or a CBD oil for arthritis in the form of tincture drops. The CBD dosage for rheumatoid arthritis varies. It depends upon the level of arthritis, your personal chemical makeup and the manner in which you take a CBD dose for arthritis. Here are few examples of available delivery methods:

  • CBD Oil for Arthritis – health experts generally agree that CBD oil  is safe to use with little to no side effects
  • CBD Arthritis Cream – provides localized inflammation and pain relief topically to the afflicted area
  • Transdermal Use of CBD for Arthritis, among others – a discrete Band-Aid™ type patch that is activated by your body heat

While these products are generally understood to be safe for most patients, some will experience drug interactions with certain prescription medications. People buying CBD oil for arthritis should consult their doctor to determine their CBD dose for arthritis, and whether CBD is right for them.

The Take-away

According to the Arthritis Foundation, one in five adults and about 300,000 children face this debilitating disease. This makes arthritis the most widespread cause of disability in the country. When one considers the shear number of those afflicted with arthritis, it becomes evident that children, adults and the elderly will be on the receiving end of CBD’s amazing healing properties in due time.