Cannabis-Infused Beverages (including CBD beverages)

CBD oil has recently become quite the industry in itself in ways I could have never seen coming. It seems that a big reason for this boom in interest in CBD comes from a longer-term goal of relieving the prohibition on Cannabis in general, or maybe that is wishful thinking on the part of this reviewer. We see it everywhere. Driving through rural Pennsylvania, in between front yard signs for Donald Trump and untouched wooded country, I saw a giant billboard for CBD oil. It was a strange juxtaposition, and maybe a telltale sign of the complicated times in which we are living. No stranger to any part of the Cannabis plant, I have tried many CBD products and some CBD hybrids that contain another helpful chemical called THC. I spend much of my time in Colorado and California where you can pop into a regulated Cannabis retailer,  called a dispensary, on a whim and be presented with a plethora of Hemp products, many of which contain THC. 

One of the things that caught me by surprise was the variety of beverages infusions that offer either CBD or THC and sometimes both. Like a packet of Gatorade powder or Crystal Light, one infusion strategy involves simply mixing a pre-portioned amount of powder into a glass or bottle of water. Upon further research, I learned that Cannabis beverages could actually become the new wave of this medicine, and is predicted to be a $600 million market. Of course, most large beverage manufacturers are hopping on the bandwagon to capitalize on the opportunity. They are looking at a prediction of liquid cannabis making up at least 20 percent of this rapidly growing market by the year 2020. Of course, soda pop makers would begin feeling the heat as the Hemp industry becomes mainstreamed and is a rising competitor, so they are predictably joining the Cannabis craze. 

CBD, Bottled or Powdered

A quick search on Google shows the powder packs, but also companies that are selling CBD beverages in bottles and cans, with varying amounts of CBD in each. I tried a drink called SoRSE, which is put out by the Seattle based company Tarukino. I liked it at first glance because not only was the packaging clean, but it was clear that they were intentional about purity. They have a variety of products, not just beverages, but topical creams and edibles, all of which were made with scientific technology to seamlessly integrate the Cannabis derivatives in an even distribution. They used the highest quality Cannabinoids that they fold into a liquid emulsion that is more easily and cleanly absorbed into water and subsequently the body. Much smoother than the powder drink mix, a bottle of which I once spilled at the airport and then walked away from the wafting faint smell of weed that I did not need to be associated with while waiting at my gate. 

One thing I like about many of these newer products is the lack of “weed-flavor” (never my favorite part of consuming any part of the plant) and the fact that the drinks are actually quite refreshing. Some edibles make me feel weighed down, and this is definitely not the case with CBD infused beverages. The two drinks I tried by Tarukino include Atomic and Major Apple, that both contain a fair amount of sugar. Each has 100 Milligrams of THC, which if you didn’t know is A LOT. So for me, I only drink a little at a time, like a glass of literally any alcohol, unless I want all the side effects. Hey, we all have hard days. It’s $15 for a bottle of one of these. It is more than I pay for a bottle of wine when I am bringing it over for a dinner party, but on par for what I spend for a glass or two out to dinner. 

CBD Infused Beverages that go down easy

Since I no longer drink alcohol, having an alternative that incorporates CBD is a nice way to relax and be social with friends while getting my medicine. With Cannabis-infused beverages, I sip and feel my anxiety melting away. There are some great products out there, and I imagine the market will continue to grow even in the coming years, as all Cannabis-related products become more common and the market matures.