Can CBD Oil Go Bad?

If you want to place an order for CBD hemp oil and wish to get the most from your purchase, you likely have a lot of questions, like “Does CBD oil expire?”

Using CBD oil before the expiration date gives you the best results possible. You will get the full benefit without worrying about other problems or health concerns that show up when products expire. Expired hemp oil will sometimes taste bad, but it can also be home to mold and bacteria if you wait too long past the expiration date to use your product. This guide explores the shelf life of hemp oil and what you can do to increase the amount of time for which it remains safe to use.

Check the Label

Checking the label is the smart move when you want to know how long it will take your CBD oil to expire. The amount of time it takes to expire depends on many factors, such as packaging standards, product quality and more. You can expect most CBD oil to last around 12 months as long as you keep it sealed, but the expiration date can decrease if you break the seal, allowing air and bacteria to enter.

Extend the Life of CBD Hemp Oil

If you want your CBD hemp oil to last for as long as possible, you can take several steps to keep it good for much longer. When you buy more than one jar of CBD oil, only open one at a time so that the seal will protect the unopened jar, trapping the freshness inside.

Opening the seal makes it easier for bacteria and other unwanted particles to get inside over time, and you need to avoid that situation if you want any hope of reaching your goal. If you want to extend the life of your hemp oil, keep it in a sealed bag and place it in your refrigerator. The cold air slows the growth of bacteria and keeps your CBD oil fresh for a lot longer than if you had left it on the table.

Vacuum Seal

Using a sealed bag to store your hemp oil is a good idea and will keep it in great shape for months at a time, but if you want to get even better results, consider safeguarding your CBD oil with a vacuum seal.

Doing so removes the air and lets you store your product for weeks or months without problems. If you follow the right steps and pay attention to the details along the way, you can preserve an opened jar of CBD oil for up to two years. No matter what you do to protect your oil, it will start losing its flavor after that point.

Final Thoughts

In an unopened container, most hemp oil will maintain its freshness for about 12 months. Opening the jar can decrease the life of the product depending on the environment in which you store it. If you would like to prolong the shelf life of your CBD oil, putting it in a sealed bag in your refrigerator lets you achieve that goal. The best way to keep your CBD oil fresh, of course, is to buy only as much as you need.

You are now armed with the required information to keep your oil safe for as long as possible, and you won’t have to worry about it going bad when you least expect it.