The 10 Best CBD Strains To Ease Your Pains

In the world of all things wellness, CBD Oil is climbing the charts as one of the best ways to naturally treat all kinds of symptoms. There are so many ways to treat body symptoms like pain and inflammation. The Cannabis plant has been treating these and dozens of other symptoms for as long as humans have been leaving record. For those who are looking specifically for the treatment of pain, but not so interested in everything that Cannabis has to offer, a CBD dominant or high-potency CBD strain, is the key. Otherwise, you will be treating your pain, and possibly treating yourself to a snack and a nap after a few giggles. Now that CBD is such a common, natural way to find relief from common ailments, locating it is not the problem. Knowing which strains of CBD-potent Cannabis are the very best at releasing pain from the body, versus just good at helping you sleep is phase 2 on this CBD journey.

More CBD Than all The Others, On Purpose

There is a lot of stigma surrounding Cannabis, mostly due to a fear of the impact of the chemical THC has on the mind. Commonly misunderstood, here is no way to grow a cannabis plant that has 0.0% THC. The following list and other CBD-dominant strains, however, are able to boast less than 1%. In addition to these and other chemicals, when you look at the lab results from Cannabis flower, there are very special oils that grow called terpenes. Terpenes add specific qualities to strains, like their flavor when consumed, and medicinal impact on the body. With the right amount of CBD for your dose and the right combination of dominant terpenes, Cannabis has become a lovely wellness alternative that is customizable to your needs. As with these opinions on our site (as goes for everything on the internet), none of this is meant to be medical advice. We think everyone should consult a physician before trying anything we talk about here.


ACDC is a high-potency CBD strain. This means that over time growers have bred in the CBD, and bred out the THC. The lab results when tested, measure the THC levels at less than 1%. This means no high, and no THC positive test results at work. No matter what a company says, there is no way to completely eliminate THC from a full spectrum cannabis plant. Like caffeine from “decaf” coffee, it is just a part of the way it grows. These trace elements may as well not be there, but for transparency’s sake, you should know that they are. The dominant terpenes in the ACDC strain are Myrcene, Pinene, and Caryophyllene. This combination gives this strain a medium amount of relaxation quality and a higher than average ability to soothe aches and pains.

2. Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is also a high-potency CBD strain, bred for this purpose. One of the great things about Cannabis culture is that people are often extremely proud of the strains they produce and keep excellent records of their process. This strain was bred in Colorado, and made famous for the positive impacts it was shown to have on health. It is named for Charlotte Figi, a young girl with very severe epilepsy. When the parents of this struggling infant had exhausted all medical options to treat her numerous brain-damaging seizures, Cannabis became the only option. A team of six brothers selectively bred the strain and started a foundation to distribute it to medical patients, like young Charlotte, whether they can afford it or not. Now, this strain is known to also aid with relaxation and body pain relief.

3. Remedy

The Remedy strain, like the others, is high CBD with little to no noticeable THC. People look to this strain to treat pain, some anxiety disorders, seizures, autism, and inflammation. It is bred from the Cannatonic strain and the Afghan Skunk strain. With an almost 15% CBD content and mostly herbal Myrcene and fresh Pinene terpenes, Remedy is a go-to for calm and relaxing pain relief.

4. Sour Tsunami

While Charlotte’s Web strain became cultivated specifically for the treatment of ailments that CBD is best at, Sour Tsunami was the first of its kind to do this. A seed conservationist in California bred this strain blending east and west coast strains. The result of Lawrence Ringo’s attempts was this powerfully high-CBD strain that has almost no THC. It started a whole new industry within the Cannabis world. The noticeable terpenes present in this one are more of the herbal Myrcene and the fruity Terpinolene. Sour Tsunami is used to treat pain and inflammation, as well as stress, anxiety, and depression.

5. Hawaiian Dream

Hawaiian Dream is a high-CBD strain, whose origin is a little bit less documented. What we know is that it is certainly a cross between the THC dominant Blue Dream variety with the very Hawaiian CBD-heavy, Maui Waui. Selective breeding has left the THC behind, resulting in a CBD conduit that is wonderful for treating pain and inflammation, as well as anxiety, with little to no unwanted side effects.

6. Dance World

Dance World is a Spanish strain that is said to offer the effect of feeling uplifted, creative, productive, and positive. It is subtly fruity, earthy, and sweet. It is high in CBD and very, very low in THC. While Dance World is a European strain, the origins of the parent strains are Mexican and Afghani. Dance World comes from a combination of the Mexican-Afghani strain, Dancehall with the Mexican-Afghani strain Juanita La Lagrimosa.

7. Ringo’s Gift

Ringo’s Gift is one of those high-potency CBD strains that has been cultivated to come in a range of ratios. This means that the same strain may be purchased with an equal amount of THC and CBD, or as far to the CBD end as 24:1 (CBD to THC). It was cultivated from ACDC, another high-CBD strain, and Harle-Tsu. The name comes from an homage to a forefather in the world of CBD, Lawrence Ringo, the original CBD cultivator. It is used to treat pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

8. Dancehall

If you are familiar with Reggae music or Carrabian- and specifically Jamaican culture- you are likely aware of dancehall music. The CBD strain with the same name is a pain-fighting, high-CBD strain. It was named for this style of music because of the effect it has on the consumer. Dancehall is a celebratory style of music, and this strain is a celebratory kind of cannabis. The secondary effect that Dancehall has is a happy, creative mood, making herbal pain management a great time.

9. Nordle

The CBD-dominant cannabis strain, Nordle, has a history almost as funny as its name. It is specifically great at relieving muscle spasms and body pain. The terpenes in this high-CBD containing strain are Terpinolene, giving it a very fruity taste and smell. The word “Nordle” was the cultivator’s nickname for hashish. It is a cross between Skunk strains and Afghani.

10. Suzy Q

In the world of high-potency CBD strains, Suzy Q is a lovely choice if you are battling nausea, muscle aches and spasms, epilepsy, chronic pain, arthritis, and other symptoms. Because of the feeling of elevated mood people describe after consuming Suzy Q strain, it is a good choice for daytime treatment. The Pinene terpenes give it a piney flavor and give relief with no feelings of being high.