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4 Corners Cannabis
Coconut Citrus Hemp Extract
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This month’s review panel featured a lot of tinctures, so we had to really study each and every one to see how they differed from each other. My first thought when looking at 4 Corners Cannabis Hemp extract was, hmmm… this reminds me of some other product in my life. Ah-ha, Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap! There’s just something about a blue-indigo label with graphical wordiness begging to be held up, turned sideways, proclaiming instructions with appealing typography. The bold yet simple imagery of a bike and owl crafted on their packaging has this cool mod look to it. The brand tag line 4MIND & BODY might be a little hippy dippy, but I was digging it. Alas, we want to lean a little more objective here at G2CBD, so moving on to the facts.

Am I right?

Product Specifics for the 4 Corners Hemp Extract

  • oral tincture 500 MG full spectrum – Coconut Citrus flavor ( they also have Earthy Avocado flavor oil option)
  • currently selling for $110 per bottle of 500 MG — approx. .22 per MG
  • Ingredients are MCT Oil,  CBD hemp extract, Limonene (orange extract)

What Stands Out Positively About 4 Corners Cannabis ?

  • Seed-to-sale
  • Their Process
  • Transparency

4 Corners does everything in-house. This is often referred to as seed-to-sale, meaning you can trust they know more about the source and the growing condition of their plants being that they maintain control of the entire operation. Frankly, as a consumer, knowing that the products was kept completely under control relieves the paranoid part of me what wonders what happens when, for instance, an oil was transported across the ocean or processed by a different company. Has it had time to go bad? Are there impurities the company doesn’t know about? With 4 Corners, there’s none of that concern.

4 Corners has an extensive CBD production process explained on their website. Evidently, they use a solvent-based extraction method in order to produce a finer CBD oil rich with cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. They ground the hemp flowers at really low temps, extract the oil, triple filter and finally distill. And this isn’t like a basement brewing operation run by hipsters on the weekends. The whole process is done on state-of-the-art equipment operated by trained chemists.

With Lab reports posted on their website, 4 Corners tested over 20 Terpenes from their batch test of flowers. They used both Green Lab Solutions and Aurum Labs in Bayfield, Colorado and they also provide contact information for the labs if you wish to inquire for more information. An interesting addition on the 4 Corners lab page is a list of Primary Aromas from one of the lab tests. This tincture is listed as having Cinnamon, Hops, Chamomile, Wood, and pine characteristics. I will say, I did NOT taste these undertones. I’m glad the coconut and citrus flavors masked the Mr. Clean base.

Any Negatives?

I found the tincture vs. glycerin option on 4 Corners website to be a little confusing; I’m honestly still not quite sure of the difference between the two. That could be as simple as clarifying their wording or titling.

4 Corners - Coconut Citrus Hemp Extract
About the Company:
4 Corners Cannabis is located in Durango, Colorado. Considered as one of the pioneers in the CBD industry, they launched their first CBD products back in 2013. 4 Corners also happens to be the first company to create domestically grown hemp vape liquid!
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